Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Looking around gives me gas

...uhm, maybe I should rephrase that, lol.

Nah, I like it--I'll let it stand. What it means is I'm having a little self-doubt. Sometimes, I see the wider picture. Life rolls out like a carpet. How-to laid out like a wiring diagram. This has to go here for that to work there. I'm waiting on my course proposal, and the lecture went well. Cowboy is going to re-tweak my site. The flash is wonderful, but the newer links got lost, and we're working on the resource page.

I'm thrilled his business is doing well. Later I can go around saying, "oh yeah, I knew the great T when he washed dishes for a living." He can say, "back when she used to be a burger flipper..." lol. I used to think restaurants were like incubators, all the wannabe, wish-they-were's hanging out waiting on their big break. But I think it was just some kind of critical mass--too many of us creative types in one place. The performance poet, singer/producer, artist and writer. Gestalt. Like the Algonquin round table.

I'm working on my non-fiction proposal. It's pretty much set, I just need to research "how" to send it in, because it's not something I ever thought I'd do, and my focus has always been on fiction. I need to get my thoughts straight on plotting, because since the last round of posts I did on elements of story, I kind of got away from theory and went straight into practical application.

It was characterization or something. Right now, it's all about middles. Seriously--I can't be the only one who has problems with the in-betweens. This happens here, and that happens there--now...uhm, how do I get from A to H?


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! You're doing a non fiction proposal? COOL!!! Keep me updated.

jodi said...

lol, Jen--you used my open ID tab. That's so cool. I thought it didn't work. I will.

Jeanna said...

Your site looks great. I think I'll let mine continue to rot. Although I'm thinking of a new blog address and minimalist look. Nothing but white space.

jodi said...

lol, Jeanna!!! I love that modern art vibe. How about a big white space with a little tiny link that says...comment here? I'll bet you can make it go. :)

Anonymous said...

I started off all minimalist white space. I liked it, but I caught some flack for it.

Aren't there a few books already out about sagging middles? I know it's a very common problem.

liana laverentz said...

Checked out your website and the crows startled my cat :) It was funny. Good luck with the non-fiction proposal. Once you figure it out, maybe you can tell me how it's done :)