Saturday, November 1, 2008

The lecture aftermath

...I didn't die. That's a good thing, although I thought I was going to throw up. I envy Liana because she's good at this, and I'm only good at on-line stuff.

But, I did learn a few things.

1. Don't eat before you talk--seriously, you can't throw up if you have nothing in your stomach.
2. Water. AMP is for thinking, not talking--wired and dry is NOT good.
3. Bring a friend or sympathetic face. I thought about that lecture in San Francisco where 90 percent of the audience walked, and I said, "please, don't let it happen to me." It didn't, but only because people were really nice. :)
4. Don't assume the world revolves around romance. It doesn't. I kept trying to say protagonist and kept saying hero/heroine, but that's just my internal prejudices coming out.
5. People are nice. Even when you go too fast, and stumble over words, jump up on your soapbox and fall off again--people are excruciatingly polite and occasionally take notes.

...the taking notes part was the highlight of my day. Somebody took a note on something I said, and that's pretty cool. (usually people copy-paste, but it's not like I see it or anything)

6. Do wear something comfortable that doesn't ride up or pinch. (I got that one from a book on presenting, lol.) I was going to wear business casual or my full on business suit, but I figured--what the hell? Squeezing into a girdle during my favorite holiday? (the fifty percent off candy clearance?) I mean--what if I bent over?

I did wear my Cup o' Noodles shirt--the black one with the huge logo, but *sigh* maybe I should have gone with a more literary look. The suit jacket, or a nice tweedy sweater. Something to think about as I try to push my course proposal through.


Kaige said...

Yay! I knew you'd survive. Wish I could have come!

deanna said...

From someone who just copied and pasted your last post: Thanks for being there for those note scribblers (and for me). Cup o noodles sounds better than pretentious literary, but whatever. Congrats!! And happy sailing into future helpful lectures.

Anonymous said...

You did it! Coolness. So next time don't fall off the soapbox and wear tweed. If I ever find myself in a similar position, I'll keep that in mind. :)

Jeanna said...

So "no" to a bowl of cold ziti and "yes" to my "If you think I'm a bitch you should meet my sister" t-shirt?

Jeanna said...

Oh, and good for you, spunky.

jodi said...

lol, Deanna--that's my user name on RD. Cup o noodles. My cp bought me a shirt with an enormous picture of the logo because he thought it was funny. (thank you Alice, I'm looking for those little leather elbow patches. I think they add a little something. :)

Jeanna, you know--seriously? If I could get a shirt with a full color graphic of a bowl of cold ziti, I'd wear it? I'd wear a box of chocolate and a Nestle bar too, (notice I didn't say Hershey because I'm not a Hershey fan. I like the milk chocolate Nestle) (and thank you *smile*)

Anonymous said...

Back in the day it was Dove all the way.

Jeanna said...

I'd take Dove over Nestle or Hershey any day. But a penny candy girl I was born and a penny candy girl I'll die.
(Resisting the urge to make jokes in poor taste about high blood sugar.)

Unhinged said...

Yaay! You survived! Ready to do it again?

(I can't drink water when I'm nervous. I get muck mouth. And it sounds like I have muck mouth when I talk, too. Really embarrassing!)

The world doesn't revolve around romance?!

Oh. It must be SEX then.

liana laverentz said...

Yeah, I've learned how to talk....really....slow....and I don't eat before I present, either. So much so I nearly passed out from a low blood sugar episode at one talk. Soon as it was over, I was shoving a Baby Ruth in my mouth, before the people had even left the room. It was that or pass out.

I'm sure you did fine. I'll have to share some experiences sometime. Swore I'd never speak again.