Friday, October 10, 2008

Is it that time already?

It was nice the other day, not too hot--not too cold. I've never been in a place where you get to pick your own pumpkins. They're usually picked for you and piled in a field somewhere. So when Carpinito Brothers opened their "pick your own pumpkin" patch over on Valley Highway, I took my kids.

It was sunset, and still hot in the fields, all dusty and empty-looking. Bunch of guys unloading pumpkins nearer in to the stand for people who didn't want to walk over the bridge into the field. My kid found a pumpkin.

Nobody said the damned field would be muddy, insect-ridden and full of spikes so long it was like a needle playing hide and seek with my ankles. Pumpkin vines are NOT family friendly, of course, we had to have the "biggest" pumpkins, from the very middle of the field, out where there was no path, and we were all swearing like troopers. But...

...fifty eight pounds of pumpkin later...I think we're okay.


Jeanna said...

That's insane. You spike a pumpkin vine? At least it wasn't in a maze. So when do we see the pictures of the carved masterpiece? Mine look like they were carved by a blind Freddy Krueger.

Unhinged said...

Yesterday--Friday--was the first day that felt like fall to me. It was actually COOL on the way to work. The wind was blowing a bit and there were dead leaves on the sidewalk. And! They were even the right colors (not yellowish-green). It was wonderful., that's one big pumpkin there. Are you going to carve it?

deanna said...

What fun; it's different taking the kids to the patch when they're no longer bopping about in diapers and trying to drag a pumpkin larger than themselves (my experience years ago).

How did teaching go? Was it today? I'm sure you wowed 'em. :o)

jodi said...

lol--if I let them carve it--they'll want more. FIFTY-EIGHT pounds of pumpkin.

...maybe a day or two before Halloween. :)

Hi Deanna,

it's very different taking teenagers and twentysomethings to the field.

The lecture is in two weeks. *very nervous*

Alice Audrey said...

He sure looks pleased.

deanna said...

Obviously, I need to read posts more carefully. I keep breezing through and missing a lot. I gave up on the muse conference, but the trade-off's been great (my daughter moved home for a while, and we get to discuss everything; it's great). I'll hold my breath for you in two weeks.