Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flying into overcast skies

I've always been a big fan of flying, don't know why. But for some reason, the last trip I made out here was sort of a stomach-dropping I dunno why I'm upset kind of flight. Maybe it's just the kind of planes that fly code-share. United has the worst, tiny, narrow and old, with a smell just this side of "ugh".

I've never flown Alaska before, but since I bought my tickets before Virgin entered the market, I'm kind of stuck. My kid says it's nice, but slightly eccentric, and after reading the "snacks offered" section of their website--almond butter and flax crackers? Energy C powder? I'm kind of wondering if Alaska is sort of like Seattle, fast-forward on politically correct whether you like it or not.

The other day Seattle voted to charge twenty cents city tax on plastic bags, to "encourage" people to use reusable bags. Next year, they've banned Styrofoam take out boxes, plastic takeout utensils, foam trays that go under meat, and I'm sure...anything else that might be bad for you, the environment or politically incorrect. If you don't recycle they can leave your trash at the curb or ticket you. As a new resident, I'm always amazed at how fast people adapt. And they'd better, because they've got a mandatory "table scrap" recycling coming soon, and how's that going to work??


Deanna said...

Fast-forward on politically correct is where we live. I'm getting used to organic produce, though, and a yogurty drink called Kefir. Pretty yummy. Hope the flight goes well.

Unhinged said...

I @#!HATE@#! flying. And United can kiss my butt.

A small airline is best. They might not fly out of every fricken-fracken city, but at least they'll have your best interests in mind. And for the price airlines charge, I wouldn't mind at ALL about a company who wants to make me happy-ith.

(I hate you, United. Hate you, hate, hate you.)


Don't forget your plans to rip the socks off of them, to sear the spit from their throats...at the convention and all, you know.

I might not be standing physically at your side, but I'm there in dukes-raised spirit.

Unhinged said...

Oh! Hah, hah!

I was going to comment about how you're nuts and that I HATE flying, but I see I already did.

Must've been all that wacky tobakky I smoked as a teenager...

jodi said...

I hate United too.

When you kill them all I want to watch. (and take video, so I can sell it and make lots of money) (we can split it)


thank you, Deanna. I've been looking for inspirational editors to pitch for you. Hopefully I'll find some.

Alice Audrey said...

Table scrap recycling? How... French.

Jeanna said...

Whenever I meet a member of the PC police I want to trade in my belief system and plate settings for styrofoam and a picture of the Bush family which I'd tape next to Richard Pryor saying "Visit My Website Mutaf*&@er!!!"