Thursday, July 31, 2008

Conference pictures, uhm...kind of

...since I didn't want to post a picture of any one's cleavage, including Mike Myers who totally undid his shirt and pushed his male cleavage together--I'm gonna post some pictures of--right, you guessed it.


No clue why I always end up at cathedrals. Maybe God is trying to tell me something.

This is the church in Chinatown on Grant street. It's weird because usually when I see churches the doors are closed and locked, like faith only happens Sunday when they crack the doors. Today was Thursday, and I got there around 7am, so--yeah, it startled me. It was kind of cool, and it almost--not quite, but almost, sucked me in.

Maybe tomorrow.

Another church shot.

And some pictures of Chinatown. It helps that I got there before all the crowds. Too much AMP and no alcohol makes someone wide eyed and disgustingly "up" early in the morning.


Kaige said...

Nice pics, Jodi.

There's a gorgeous little church over closer to the Metreon, it looks very out of place now that the city has grown up around it and dwarfed it. Couldn't find a picture of it. :(

They sure don't make churches like they used to.

Alice Audrey said...

What is AMP? Seriously.

Jeanna said...

For some reason my knees and knuckles ache whenever I see a church. My nephews say that steam comes from my fingertips when I dip into the holy water.

Kaige said...

Alice, Amp's like Red Bull or Jolt. Highly caffeinated energy drink.

jodi said...

I found GRAPE AMP today, I'm running tanked up on AMP. It's seriously cool.

Thanks for the heads up, Kaige, I'll go check it out.

*waving to Alice and Jeanna*

(and hoping Jeanna doesn't burst into flames, lol)

Alice Audrey said...

Thanks Kaige. I don't do caffeine, but I was guessing something like that. Go a buzz going there, Jodi?