Monday, February 25, 2008

...a time waster, or karma builder....

I haven't figured it out yet.

I'm hoping it's a karma builder. But I stumbled across this site the other day. Yahoo answers. Maybe I was looking for an answer, but it sucked me in, and since I already have a Yahoo ID (I belong to way too many loops)it was easy to join.

It's like twenty questions on steroids, or ask Dr. Phil, or Dear Abby, depending on your frame of mind. There are weird people (to put it mildly) and creeps, and people who have nowhere to go and no one to talk to. Maybe the internet is good for that. Once the masks are taken away, all that's left is the bare bones of who you are.

I've found myself drifting toward "family and relationships". I'll be the first to admit, I'm having some problems, and like Gwen says, sometimes helping other people is a good way to help yourself.

Lisa (or was it Kristen?) did this questionnaire on ethics in blogging over at RD a few weeks ago. The biggie was: do bloggers police other bloggers?

The vast majority came down on live and let live. I came down on hang the peds and terrorists. That's what the "report this blog" button is for. But over on Yahoo answers, the core group created their own police-unit. In a world big enough for every variation on bad, there's got to be a little good. And if that good isn't my good or your good, it's someone's good. And if enough good people get together, common ground becomes a safe zone.

Maybe I've been hanging in philosophy, too. I dunno.

But I've started to notice that like a hot-line, teens go to the family section to vent and ask for help, and most of their questions are sad or bewildered, like no one pays attention to them, or listens. There's a reason for the term "safe house". It's nice to know one exists on-line.


Alice Audrey said...

I can see it. Like lunies, teans are huge sinkholes of need. Mine will talk my ear off and still not feel anyone is listening.

jodi said...

...teenagers are needy. It seems to be a default state. :) About that meme? Sure, I'm in. Thanks Alice.

Alice Audrey said...

All right. I'll get it going next Monday.

ps. Check your spam catcher.

Unhinged said...

When I broke up with the first guy I ever loved, I dove into Dr. Laura's books. Ever hear of her? She's EXTREMELY opinionated, but interesting, too. Not always right, but always a hoot to read or listen to. -->

Anyway, armed with my new knowledge about Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives, I hit the AOL relationship boards and tried to help others. I don't know how much help I was to anyone, but it sure helped me. For one thing, I didn't feel alone, and every piece of advice I gave reinforced what I felt or needed to do myself.

Karma builder? Time suckage? Only time will tell.

Oh, I kill myself.

Kaige said...

No, my DD turned 11 this weekend. I refuse to listen to teen horror stories. LOL.

Is it possible to come down on the side of both? *duck* I used to admin an online game. Boy talk about some serious time sinks in lending that bendable ear. I like what you were able to take away from it, Unhinged -- it helped you, so it was all good.

Jeanna said...

Just posted a question about a bad neighbor so will see how it works. I thought someone who said she hated being called "Madam" might actually be one.

jodi said...

lol, Jeanna--you didn't! (pst? Do you really think she's a madam? :)

Alright Alice, I'll be waiting. And thanks for heading over to join us, Unhingey--you know you'll like RD. (Time suckage. *snort*)

Yeah--we think alike. I think it helps me more than anyone else.

Jeanna said...

In my world, she's a Madam.
I did post and got back a bunch o' answers. None really helpful, but my favorite was someone who said to wait in the laundry room and kick her ass.