Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seriously considering?

...okay, not seriously considering. Probably am? More than likely? Depends on how I feel when I wake up and how motivated I can get?

Yeah--that last one.

I'm thinking about going to conference. Not the Emerald City conference (which I've always wanted to do because of the name. I mean--how can you turn down something called the Emerald City?) But the big one. Nationals.

Er...after I renew my membership. Maybe tomorrow.

No clue why. I'm not trying to pitch anyone. I have a home for Dead Gorgeous and while it might not be the biggest and best, it's the right home. DalCon belongs at TWRP like Kenyon's space opera belongs at Leisure. It fits.

In Atlanta, I wondered what would happen when the pressure was off. When it didn't matter if your clothes said, "professional and no-nonsense," or, I'm here for the company. If I'd be able to kick back and enjoy the lectures, and talk. For no reason, with no ulterior motive. I'd like to volunteer again. The bookfair was a lot of fun, and moderating some of the lectures was interesting. I had a blast as Frau Blucher, the Timekeeper from HELL, at the editor/agent appointments. I dunno.

It's still early. Lots of things to line up and tickets to buy. I wish I could take Cowboy with me, but I don't think he'd enjoy it.

I went to San Francisco back in the eighties (oops, my age is showing, lol) but I don't remember much of it. I do remember shopping for turquoise, and eating chocolate dipped florentines. This time I'm going to take pictures.

And maybe buy a snow-globe for my kid.


Unhinged said...

I think it'd be good for you to go, just to immerse yourself in all that writerly/agently/publishy world you belong to.

What did you do to moderate one of the lectures? Did you have to stand up in the crowd and say, "Hey, whoa-whoa, you're getting too personal now."



Maybe cowboy would go with you. Couldn't hurt to ask.

jodi said...

lol--as he said, that's a lot of older women. Now if they were young and hot (otherwise known as interested in him...hahaha)

nah, I usually said things like, "can you PLEASE turn off your cell phones, and yes--I mean you, lady whose phone has gone off ten times." Or--hey!!! You--if you have to talk, can you take it outside. I think mod is another name for mom.

(and know something?? There's FREE food at the publisher spotlights. LOTS of free food, and schmoozing, but the FREE FOOD is the biggie...)lol.....

Alice Audrey said...

I'd love to go to SF but can't pull it off. I'm shooting for DC.

Miss Mae said...

Hey, Jodi,

Thanks for coming over! Can you write me at so we can discuss titles?

Appreciate your offer...and, oh, food, huh? Like in, ya know, chocolate????...LOL..


jodi said...

Alice, you, me and Kimberly (mamadivine) can all share a room (that way it's cheap) er. Maybe a BIG room, and we can stuff more people in, and hit up the spotlights and do the graze and munch. :)

sending to you now, Mae.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I can't wait to see you. When are you getting in? Where are you staying? What time will you--Oh what? I'm obsessing? I'm not. Okay maybe a little.
(I'm really glad you're going)