Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Why me...?

...the after Christmas sales are over--I thought I was safe, but now it's time for the January White sales. I bought a shredder--it's diamond cut and very cool, I must have shredded twenty pounds of "stuff" I'd been saving for an extended movie-watching marathon with scissors. Which leaves me with no excuse not to eat. You can't eat with scissors in hand--you might put your eye out, lol.

...three mercury glass Christmas trees in silver, on sale at Kohls for two dollars apiece, a folk-art Christmas tree with hammered red metal robins, an ink cartridge, two binders, a desktop calculator, a new lamp, a micro plush throw, fifteen POUNDS of Christmas candy and two four packs of AMP.

...and an extra Butterball turkey, since they were on clearance.

We just did Thanksgiving.


With the five cans of jellied cranberry sauce I also bought on sale.

My bookshelves runneth over with odd things that teeter precariously on top of the uppermost stacks (those darned Sackett omnibuses, they're not just big, they're dusty...). And for some reason I have this thing for Christmas trees. And green stuff.

Not money.

Just "green" stuff. Vases, and sculpture, and paperweights in venetian glass with little green flowers in them, raku bowls and actual river rocks with perfect patina. I think the word is magpie.


OOOOOO. Shiny.


Alice Audrey said...

LOL, that reminds me of your Romance Diva's icon with the ant headed off to a bookstore.

BTW, how to I get to the new board? I clicked the Forum link on the blog, but keep getting sent to a sign in window that doesn't recognize me.

So much for being diamond dusted.

Alice Audrey said...

Thank you so much for going to the effort for me. The link you posted in my TT blog worked like a charm. Thanks!