Saturday, January 5, 2008

At long last...and finally

I have a release date. Hot Contract comes out on March 21st in e-format, and September 19th in print.

It feels weird.

Some people publish and hit NY right off, some people spend time down in the trenches. For the longest time, I've admired Tawny for her dedication. She reminds me of Carole Nelson Douglas. THAT woman was a laser-beam. She knew what she wanted, and as Bujold said, "had a cunning plan."

When I think "career-track" writers--I think of them. Tawny spent a long time in the e-book field and only recently moved into NY, but I saw her books at Barnes and Noble the other day and said--"damn, she's arrived. With a vengeance."

I used to tell people (only half-joking) that one day I was going to get to NY the Tawny Taylor way.

I don't think she ever wanted to be an editor, but hey--all paths aren't the same. Sometimes you get one with a missing brick, or a crack, and occasionally you get the one that splits off. The thing that I admire about Leslie Wainger (and if she's reading this, I hope she's not embarrassed...) is that of all the romance editors out there, she saw the coming wave--just like in the Popcorn Report--and caught the very best before they became big. She personally built the careers of some of the finest RS writers out there, and through Harlequin/Silhouette, shaped the face of RWA. As a's a dammed impressive one.

Anne Groell on the other hand...I used to read Anne Groell. I still have her Cloak and Dagger series. She stopped writing and I used to wonder--"hmm, did she die or something?" because I kept waiting for the next one. She never did wrap it up. Then I was reading someone else and noticed her name in the dedication. lol--she became an editor.

...which is good and bad. She edited some of my favorite authors, but she stopped writing. I don't think I can. Still a long way to go, but I can see the top of the trench, and I have a shovel.


Tawny Taylor said...

Hi Jodi,

You have no idea how your post touched me. I'm flattered beyond words. Honored.


Alice Audrey said...

Yay on the release date! I don't know why, but I was thinking you already had the release date.

Can I quote you on the shovel thing?

jodi said...

Tawny, I tell people about you all the time. I'm pretty impressed. You deserve everything you've achieved.

..and lol, Alice--you can quote anything you want. :) Just don't take my shovel. I keep it next to the front door.


Leslie said...

I'm not embarrassed at all, or if I am, it's in a good way. One of the things I'm happiest about in my career is how many great writers - some household names, some not - I've worked with in one way or another (and still work with in many cases). I'm a reader first and foremost, and I love knowing I've given a chance to people I like to read and that it turned out other people like to read them just as much. Which is just a convoluted way of saying "Thanks!"

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I didn't see this, Cup!!! Congrats on the release date.