Wednesday, December 5, 2007 what happens after?

I've spent years wondering about the publishing process. Y'know, she sells, she makes money--she gets an editor. Two out of three ain't bad. No money yet, but one day, lol--

My editor and I have been hammering Hot Contract. From what I understand, editing seems to be a three step process. Pre-edits for content, an edit for flow. Another edit to catch what the other edits missed, and now this--the galley proofs and me sitting there with a little red pen going, "Is that a deliberate comma? I can't remember anymore. And when did this start to sound like someone elses work?"

It's been such a long time since I've read Hot Contract in it's entirety, I'm amazed. Some of it seems like I just wrote it, some seems like a fever dream--while the rest is just, "huh? I don't remember--well, maybe I did. But I--"

One step closer.

on the flip-side, they tore out the right hand front of my store to put in a Dippin' Dot's ice-cream machine. I mean--really! I know ice-cream machines are the hot new thing, but why now? Can't they wait until I'm gone? Why me? And why the hell won't the ants go away? I've tried every poison known to mankind, and those nasty little suckers keep creeping into the product. I'm the only manager dropping off damaged product with little red stickers that say things like, "Jodi...ants were all in the candy," or "Jodi--ants were in the sausage." How the hell are ants getting IN the sausage? I didn't know they had teeth.

And now I'm off to do some troubleshooting. I won't be back in my store until Saturday night--Christmas can't come fast enough.


Alice Audrey said...

Is it too much to chant "Die, ants! Die!" over the holidays?

jodi said...

lol--I chant that all the time and people think I'm nuts (good thing I have a lid on the nuts, btw...)