Wednesday, December 26, 2007

...almost done.

Yesterday, I spent a long time sleeping. God, it felt good. I slept, took a nap, ate too much and took another nap. Kind of a waste of the day, but I was so blown out I couldn't force myself out of bed. Maybe I knew I didn't have to be anywhere.

My dayrunner is almost at the end of the year, and I've got to switch over. My to-do list is winding down, and once we push out the product and do a breakdown--I get to go around the district and help with their breakdowns. s'okay...if we can put up a kiosk in three hours and merchandise it, we can tear it down in two.

This years last manager meeting is at the Cheesecake Factory. They have a flagship store across the street from my store, all covered in pastel tile and ornate stucco-work like a wedding cake done over in marzipan and glittering fairy lights.

I know a lot of their crew--the bane of the restaurant business is that we all know each other, it's a closed clique. I know the employee discount policy and the going rate for upper echelon cooks and managers, but I've never eaten there. Too damned expensive and the wait is usually three hours.

Luckily my boss has major pull.

I'm sorta kinda looking forward to it. The end of meetings and paperwork, and shortages where I end up sending little notes to audit, "good MORNING, audit!! :) ". They know my name. In some ways, having a bunch of auditors KNOW your name is a creepy feeling--hey, it makes me feel itchy... have I found that hundred yet? No. Not quite. The seventy five this morning? Hell no. Still looking. I found twelve dollars this evening. Does that count?

If they could have reached through the phone lines, I had the feeling one of them wanted to pat me on the back. She did say, "don't worry, it's almost over." To which I said, "Amen. And thank you."

almost done, almost done, almost done.



Jennifer McKenzie said...

You go girl. Get rid of those big boxes of cheese.
You are a better woman than I.
I bow to your superiority.

Jeanna said...

Three hours?

Alice Audrey said...

Hey! Being known by auditors isn't a bad thing. Accountants are people too.

jodi said...

lol--took us forty-five minutes to get a table, and we HAD reservations. I have no idea why people wait.

Alice, my dream job was to be an accountant. Never got there, but I'm great at taxes...

Alice Audrey said...

I'm so-so with taxes, but I'm a fairly good book keeper. In Wisconsin I could have gotten my CPA with only two more classes, but once I started working I just didn't have the time.