Saturday, December 29, 2007

*big sigh*

...done, finiti, et and al.

My store is gone for another year, the floors are swept, the shelves are broken down, boxes packed and transferred out. There is no paperwork, and no register, nothing on the walls but ants. And if there are birds--hey, I don't care. It's no longer mine.

I stuffed myself with sausage, ate cheese balls until I popped, forced boxes of Jelly Bellies on people and wore way too much white. Time to retire the polo shirts. One last manager meeting to go to, and I can put away my Post-its.

The weird thing is the lack of phone calls. I can actually put my phone down without worrying that someone will call. And if the battery goes out because I didn't bother to recharge it, it hurts no one but me. My pocket is...very light.

I also put in ten pages of Dead Gorgeous last night, Connor is finally getting into StallingCo. I'm thinking I can double that--because I loaded up on the after-Christmas candy, and I'm stoked. Chocolate is good for you.


Alice Audrey said...

Now you'll mop the Sven floor with me.

Jeanna said...

Chocolate IS good for you. We all know that. Happy New Year!

jodi said...

lol--I STILL like the Sven picture. Must be that Nordic handsome hunk-ness. I think I might...

Happpy New Year, Jeanna!! Yes, there's nothing like chocolate. I have a teetering stack of fudge from the clearance sales...and I'm reaching for a box right now.