Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas traditions? Do I have any??

I used to make cookies for Christmas. Lots and lots of different kinds. German mostly because I like lebkuchen and belgrador brot and big fat hearts with white icing and marzipan pigs. I have this thing about kaffeehaus and konditorei, always wanted to visit Vienna because of Demel's and the Hotel Sacher. Just last year I gave away boxes of gingerbread unicorns. This year everyone got a Hershey's giant sized kiss.

Two shopping days until the Monday 6pm cut off. It's at the point where I made a table that said Under Twenty dollars--it used to be the OVER ONE HUNDRED table, but it was stripped bare and I'm trying to hit up the bargain shoppers. Y'know--the ones that rush in, shout, "I need twenty things--I don't care what they are or what they look like--that cost under twenty dollars and a BIG bag. Do you take credit?"

Hell yeah.

We take credit.

The other day I broke out "the box". See--I've always wanted an aluminum tree like my grandpa had, all shiny and rustling with the little color wheel at the bottom and the white painted stand that looks nothing at all like a real tree. Turns out everyone wants one. They cost thee hundred in an antique store. My husband bought me a fiber optic aluminum table top tree a few years back thinking if he couldn't justify spending hundreds on a "used tree", at least he could get me a nice repro.

s'not the same, but the thought was there.

I've been using it ever since. It folds up, folds down, lights up and tinkles. I also have a handful of Hallmark animatronic snowman things that I throw around it. Instant Christmas. My kid doesn't care--she gets her presents, I get to fold everything up the day after.

Very tidy.

She asked for a tree the other day. I think she's been looking in the neighbor's window. There's a six footer framed in the glass, complete with lights and garlands, bells and bows, and enough ornaments to choke a horse. "You have a stocking," I told her. "It's not the same," she said.

And now I'm wondering when the bells and whistles stopped. Presents appear and the stockings fill--but when was the last time I watched "Charlie Brown", or threw a little something in the kettles?

I give money because it's easy, and my wrapping technique consists of grab, mangle and tape. I think we had spaghetti last year, even though I had two turkeys in the freezer and a ham butt.

I dunno. Maybe it happens when you don't live near family and there's only one kid left. You forget things.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

You know, I was married the first time for seven years to a guy who sneered at Christmas.
The Redneck was married seven years to a woman who didn't celebrate Christmas.
When we found each other, Christmas became the one time of year we went crazy. We LOVE all the trapping. We've got lights up. I have a Christmas Village on the mantel. There's a creche scene on the entertainment center.
We've watched Rudolph and Frosty and The Polar Express.
And last night "It's A Wonderful Life".
But if you don't have kids and you don't do the big family thing, it's understandable that Christmas is low key.
Plus, you work in a place that could put a stake of holly in anyone's Christmas spirit.
My best friend has one tradition that cracks me up and she STILL does it.
She makes any of her children she can bambozzle watch "It's A Wonderful Life" on Christmas Eve.
It's tradition.
Now her kids do it.
It's funny to watch them TRY and get out of it, but really want to do it and love it when they do.

jodi said...

lol, me and my husband watched the Hogfather together. I love that book, and when I found out it was a live action movie--hey, I was so there. We both loved the first two hours. Turned out it was a four hour miniseries running one after the other.

We ate pizza and chips and guzzled soda. It was great.

Jeanna said...

Ah, get a tree. I'm not getting one until today or possibly tonight for two reasons.
1. I'm cheap and want to beat last year's price, which was under $20 bucks for a big ol' fraiser and
2. I mourn for tradition which seems to be slipping away everywhere I look.
I used to make elaborately decorated cookies every year and now it's every other. I still plan to make a batch of gourmet chocolate chunk cookies and watch It's A Wonderful Life or whatever else is on. I may even go to church (although at this point hell might literally freeze over).
Marzipan pigs? Dang, you crack me up.
I don't think you're allowed to have an aluminum tree unless you have a white toy poodle dressed in a Christmas sweater to match.