Sunday, November 25, 2007

Work, part two

Me and my place. Well--my temporary place. My cp was taking pictures for my website, because--well, he wants a picture, and if I didn't give him one he wasn't going to load my website (which is sheer blackmail. I don't think I have a recent picture!) So I tried to shoot him with a sausage. It didn't work.

This is Cowboy--he's looking kind of strange, between my crappy editing--I have NO clue what I'm doing. I don't own Photoshop like some people (yeah, Cowboy--that's a hint) the shave and the polo. As he pointed out, he doesn't wear polo's, and the closest he comes to mainstream is geek-menace. Blue button-down and tie with Ray-Bans. But he's my friend and for two months only--he'll suffer the dress code. He also decided the circa fifties pose was a good thing.

I think we should do a rapper-style pose, heavily edited in black and white, with guns and knives and bandanna's, but I wanted to do it in leather, and neither of us owns any. We've got to get better jobs.


Jeanna said...

That's a good shot of you. I thought you were holding a candy apple.

jodi said...

lol, it's a two pound summer sausage, and damned if I almost didn't go into the "it's on sale," spiel. (I would have done the Evil Queen in Snow White pose if it'd been a candied apple :) (or we would have done a together pose, wih me trying to force it down his throat...)

Jennifer McKenzie said...

OMG!!! When you were talking about the ants and so on, I wondered if Hickory Farms was the LOVELY place you were referring to.
I worked there one Christmas season.
I don't know if I can EVER face another summer sausage again. Ever.
STILL love the cheese though.
I hope this season goes well for you.

Alice Audrey said...

I gotta see "Geek Menace", I just gotta.

jodi said...

lol, I'll see if I can get him to stay in his business-gear, y'know, instead of his white polo, or messed-up chef coat. Then again, a picture of both of us in our messed-up chef coats would be cool too...

he only does the business-look when he's doing his fine artist/graphic designer and web-designer impression. Maybe three times a week. But the Ray-bans are a nice touch.

Gwen Hayes said...

You are both adorable!

I HATE having my picture taken. My daughter (15) and her friends have most of my hard drive filled with pictures of themselves.

Unhinged said...

Geeze, you're as bad as the Psycho spoof that had the guy attacking the girl behind the shower curtain with a banana.

So geek menace is a sort of dress style now, like grunge or goth? (Hee, notice all the gs?)

If it's not, I think it should be. Did you make that up? Did he?

Okay, I'll Google it.

Unhinged said...

Guess what?

I just Googled geek menace and THIS blog entry was at the tippy top of the page.

Apparently you're the authority!