Monday, November 26, 2007


...strange how you can mention the word "pictures" and get so many different reactions. I have this claustrophobic reaction like, "argh--no!!! Not the PICTURES!!!", and Cowboy simply struck a pose, which he later regretted since I blogged him. Lol--told him I was evil. He thought I'd mellowed or something, and toned down the whole Mistress of Idle Maliciousness-thing I've got going.

lol. Wait--gotta say lol again. LOL!!!

I did find I've gotten older, (again!), but I like the hair, (thought I did, subjective is hard when it's up on your head) and I'd probably like the shoes, but the picture doesn't go down that far.

Cowboy for some reason, projects "nice". I wonder why. Most times he's got that dead-eyed stare that makes you grope your wallet.

I think we're just comfortable in the mall. It's bunches of nice people(--well, except after eight, when it's nothing but black leather and chains. Why can KIDS afford leather, but I can't? It's just wrong.) And there's nothing to be angry at. Which makes for an interesting psych question, that if socially maladjusted people were placed in "nice" settings, would it eventually calm them down to the point where they could fit in?

Dunno. Just random thoughts.

I don't think I'll get any more pictures taken. I'm usually the "taker" not "takee". Too bad sausages don't shoot meat balls. I've got some cranberry mustard, it makes a nice sauce.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

LOL! I prefer the sweet hot mustard. Me and everyone else on the planet.
No. I don't think if you put socially maladjusted people in a "nice" setting it would calm them.
I ought to know. My mother tried it for years.
We socially maladjusted people just create chaos in our own little corner and get the label "weird".

jodi said... cranberry-mustard hater!!! Actually it is kind of an acquired taste, sort of like Port Wine cheese.

(you know you're living in the South when people try the jalapeno spread and say, "my Goodness, it sure tastes like pimento cheese, dun'it?")

...weird is relative. It helps when you have a friend to share the label. :)

Eva Gale said...

I like the cranberry mustard. Especially if you simmer the sumer sausage/cranberry mustard in a cast iron skillet on top of the woodstove.

*Mistress of Idle Maliciousness* Dang nabbit! We missed your REAL name. I will make an appeal to the Diva gods.

Unhinged said...

"You need to take a photo of the shoes," said the shoe-photo-taking freak.