Friday, November 2, 2007

Nano-ing does Nano mean all words? If by words it means everything you write that's new stuff. I have done a grand total of six thousand words yesterday alone.

a sample...

How do I get paid?

Make sure you have a W-2 packet filled out. You should have a pay dates sheet attached to your packet which lets you know when payroll goes in, and the date it is paid on. Paychecks will be distributed to your home-store on Monday. It is a two week pay period. Please be aware paychecks will not be available for pick-up until after the manager meeting. In other words, after four, or call first.

Can I get more hours?

Sure, there are always hours available through the district. Let your manager know you want to work in other branches and your name will be added to the “call this person” roster.

I don’t know what I’m doing, help?

On filling out your W-2, you should receive “two” training manuals. One on sales techniques, the other on HF general info and practices. There should also be a copy of our “secret shopper superstar form”. Please read through your booklets and paper and ask questions if you need help. Also, before you start, a team trainer will go over “sampling techniques” with you, the superstar form, and how to fill out the related paperwork.

Always check the communication log for relevant info, on-going promo’s, and if you’d like to contribute/write down ideas to facilitate the smooth running of your home-store. Remember, we’re a team. We’re in this together.

---yes, it goes on and on. FAQs, promo sheets, training to-do's (and when did "to-do" become a noun?) Schedules and scheduling requests, availabilities, and inventory.

I also got a page of Connor's story before I fell headlong into the keyboard, took the bandage off my finger (two HOURS of soaking) (NEVER stick your finger down the wrong side of a razor)and went out to the after Halloween candy sale. YUM. I bought some of those tongues Jenna was talking about over on Wisconsin Candy dish. The picture where she stuck one in her mouth and went "bleaaaah" like a cheesy vampire made me crack up. Too bad it isn't animatronic.

so...grand total for the first day of Nano.

250 words

or six thousand, two hundred and fifty words.


Alice Audrey said...

Anyone reading that manual is lucky to have you.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

No kidding. I'm with Alice. Yes, Six thousand two hundred and fifty words.
Tell 'em.

jodi said...

yeah--I'll have to upload it, lol.

I am the worlds most over-comprehensive organizer of data, having been on the other side with no info.

'sides, I get bonus if my team makes projections. Then EVERYONE gets bonus, mwah hahaha....