Saturday, November 3, 2007

Time expansion and compression I was thinking the other day. (lol--do I think too much, or what?) About RD, and the Nano (Nano is irritating me because it's loading soooo slow), that Emotional Structure thread, and odd stuff. Again.

I spent a good chunk of my day at my second job discovering new levels of OCD, in which I rehung all the cup-hooks to be perfectly straight, put each batch of paperwork in individual sleeves, stuck memos everywhere and forced people to read them. I think I'm ok to work for. I don't care about requests. You want off, I'm there. Forcing someone to show is equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot. I'm also big on the required breaks, and making sure everyone has the same paperwork.

But anyway, other than eating cold Chik-fil-a and guzzling Diet Coke, it was ok. Time slid past. And then I got home and audited that Emotional Structure thread. Wow. Time compression.

It's amazing how you can tell people one thing, everyone ignores you or pretty much says you don't know what you're talking about--and than another person says the same thing, using the same materials--hell, even quoting you, and all of a sudden an oddball idea is the hottest thing since sliced bread?


I'm a student of human nature. All writers are. I watch and listen. Out of all the people on that thread, I've been watching Kaige. Like Kimberly she saw what I meant when I said it was a new way to look at things. A mental shift.

Kristen says that people have a hard time putting emotion into their works, and yeah--I agree with that. The whole book deals with a simple premise. The emotions under the actions. Read in conjunction with Seger, it's like mining for blood.

The person is this way, what drives him? His emotions. Why are his emotions like that? Back to Seger--because of this happening here, which means that this will happen here, and he feels--back to Dunne--this here.

I'm waiting for the exercises. I want to see how long it takes, or if anyone will ever find out it's not all about doing a rote piece--like memorization for the Berlitz guide to Emotional writing, lol--but fixing the gears in your head so that instead of seeing the "story", you see the threads that make up the story.

I finished out my paperwork. Now off to the schedules. Maybe I can call someone. MAYBE I can find the magic person--the one with the "GOLDEN" availability. Late afternoon.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

*Snort* If only writing was about memorizing some brilliant "How to". We'd be freakin' brilliant eh?
Those emotions are tough for me. I get scenes with characters and sometimes their motivation doesn't show itself until much further down the line.
THAT can be frustrating.
Hang in there.
And sometimes people don't "get" what I say. It takes someone ELSE'S words to get through. *shrugs*.

jodi said...

I am of the opinion that everyone is looking for the Holy Grail of Writing--when they find it it's going to transform them from whoever to Nora Roberts. Sort of like people who want to win the lottery and dip out of work.

lol, bet if you look at what you're writing and compare it with what you wrote later it all ties in. That's backbrain stuff, and yeah--it's freaking brilliant. I just wish I could shove it or *poke* until it shows up whenever I want it to.

Unhinged said...

I don't want to be a Nora Roberts.

I want to be a Laura Kinsale.

Well, me with with a dollop of Kinsale and two scoops of Tom and Sharon Curtis (Laura London).

They no longer write. Too talented, too tortured, too many fingers doing the typing...because you know, I trip over eight. Sixteen must a bear.

I think I understand what you're saying, though. My distractions? Everything to the left of me. Everything to the right of me.

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

Like you wrote, time is ah-sliding past. And my emotions, they be getting cold round about my bony ankles.

Writing is fskin' hard, innet?