Saturday, October 27, 2007

...I don't listen to myself

...well, duh.

Cowboy tells me that all the time. I never listen, like Alice singing about good advice in Alice in Wonderland.

I tell people all the time, if the character is like this, it means that he has other traits and knowledge that come from BEING like that. My God.

I laid around yesterday--whining and coughing (still sick, right...)--re-reading the Seger book, and there was a whole chapter (is that selective reading or what?) on associated traits. So if Connor is former Delta, it means he must be a McGyver type, it also means he passed his psych tests, but it also means--a) he's in damned good shape b) he has a college education c)he's either a former idealist, or wanted to save the world--or something about being Delta fulfilled a need in him. Which I'd never thought of.

The minute I hit the part where he gets thrown out--(er, politely asked to leave) I got pages and pages of writing, like a dam burst and I had to get out of bed, drag myself over to the computer and type. I'd never stopped to think--being this way was something he wanted. It worked for him. How would being cut off from that affect his mental stability?

"I fucking skunked the tests, you understand? They passed me because they thought I was sane." He choked out a sharp laugh. "I'm not, Jacey--don't you see? I'm fucked up and when they found out, I had to go. It's not because of DalCon, or Keegan. It's because I couldn't fake it anymore."

The guy has some serious issues...


Jennifer McKenzie said...

AWESOME!!!!! Angst is GOOD. Issues are GOOD.
Pages and pages are AWESOME.
Say that a few hundred times. It won't make the frustration go away, but it might pass the time.

jodi said...

awesome *croak, croak* I can barely say my name, and people I don't know think I'm a smoker about to die of the black lung or something. But angst is damned good. lol...Connor is really shaping up. Just not like I wanted.

Alice Audrey said...

Now that is some goooood writing! Amazine what a little thinking will do for you.

jodi said...

lol, Alice. My editor says I swear too much..hehehe. I probably do. I take out the gratuitous f-words for her.