Saturday, September 8, 2007

Trouble-shooting a title..., yes...

Connor's story is next up.

I have no idea what to call it. I was thinking, Double Vision, or maybe--okay, still no clue. I've been thinking about it on and off all day.

Something with vision, good looks, appearances, deceiving appearances? Deceitful appearances...

It's about a guy so handsome he stops traffic, going undercover as a geek-sort, who finds a woman who loves him for himself, with lots of violence and action/adventure. Guns and stuff. Maybe a trip to Singapore--I've always wanted to go see the StallingCo TriWeapons division (not that it exists anywhere other than in my mind.)--maybe Raffles.

I did this whole schematic of StallingCo and the breakdown in divisions. Surprised me to find out I'd paralleled the real structure of Halliburton.


Killer Looks?

yay!!! And I have time to enter the dialogue contest. Gina is the bomb-diggity.

...hmmm, Still Water. I like Still Water.


Candy Jones said...

How about Drop Dead Gorgeous, or am I completely off?

Jennifer McK said...

lol Still Water? Wasn't that the title that bookends said was "tired" or some such nonsense?

You named "Hot Contract" because it's set in Hawaii right?

How about "Sultry Lies" "Lustrous Deception" Something like that?

jodi said...

No, you're not off. I like that. Thanks Candy.

yeah, *sigh* you're right, Jen. I'm leaning toward Killer Looks, but I like Candy's idea too.

lol, yeah, my Cp and I were yelling at each other and came up with Hot Contract. It's about lava and it's a contract. Hot Contract...