Friday, September 7, 2007

Edits and a world of readers

More edits, and I have this feeling--yeah, radical I know--that I'll be slipping a chunk of Kill Velocity into Hot Contract to finish--well, sort of--the Fallon and Corlis storyline. *sigh* I guess I'll be going with Laura's suggestion and doing Connor's story next. Making my planned trilogy into a...continuing series?

Well. It's a good thing, lol. Can't be sad that I get to write more books.

And I found this link the other day. I put it over in my link section. A Garden Carried in the Pocket. It's...a reader's blog. Strange how I never thought--lol, me think? that readers would have their own world seperate from us writers.

It was like a "duh," moment.

And not like Romance Junkies, or Coffee Time, or even RT, but simply...a place readers went to connect with each other. Like a virtual coffee house.

Sometimes that "blogs updated" link is really cool. I always spend a minute or two watching to see if sometime interesting shows up.

And...yeah, it was my moment of truth for e-books. Maybe I'm just too old. But I went over to get Jen's book and said, "hmmm, download. That's reasonable." and thought...did I want to read it electronically, or simply buy a book for my keeper shelf?

Went with the print copy. I prefer print anyway. There's something about paper that I really like.


Jennifer McK said...

You rock!!! I know what you mean. I love ebooks and I buy them, but I love print books to add to my shelf.
I forget my ebook collection, but my print books actually get dusted once a year. LOL.
Thanks, Cup. I owe you.
And I'm THRILLED this will be a trilogy. I love a series.

jodi said...

lol, that crab-fishing comment caught me way back when--and my kid took me on a tour of the marina the boat docks at, "Look, that's where the guy docks his boat!"