Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Alright, alright, alright--doing the happy dance

..I got ten pages of edits in, and moved the end closer last night. Maybe I'm getting the hang of this "half day off" thing. I ta-dah!! successfully resisted the urge to re-tile the kitchen floor, and instead spent a whole ten minutes getting a hair cut. Nothing like the hair-place at nine in the morning. NOBODY is there. It was like, "hi! How are you? Sit right down..." and me, "I look like a mushroom. *wah*"

I also loaded more paper in my printer and browsed the ads for a new laptop. In a few, I might just head on over to Taco Bell, or order in some pizza. (yeah, I'm a BIG spender, lol) and sit right on down for a couple of hours of concentrated edit-time.

I er, go back to work tomorrow--yes, I work at the place where they sell Mummy Fingers. Oh..look here!!

  • Wisconsin candy dish

  • (er, it's in my side bar, but I figured out how to add links into the body of my post, and I'm pretty damned excited!!)

    check out the Mummy Fingers. They're SO cool. I have to buy some for Cowboy. I can just see him now, crunching through the fingernails. And never let it be said I didn't get my CP anything, lol.

    Back to edits. Got a whole scene to condense and another to expand. I think I'm running on schedule. For once.


    Jeanna said...

    Thanks for the shout out Jodi.

    jodi said...

    lol--you're welcome. I also gave you a shout out on the forum boards I belong to. You probably have--at this minute! A whole hell of a lot of lurkers reading that mummy finger post.

    Jeanna said...

    At least someone's lurking. I never really know. Just rambling away in cyber space on a mild sugar buzz. Actually, you gave me an idea for a poll.