Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The trouble with Googling yourself... sometimes you find stuff you wish you hadn't.

I remember last year when somebody over at RD kept saying, "I have the same name as a porn star", well, hey--I beat that one. I have the same name as a major f*-up. I mean, who the hell is this Jodi Henley who went over to Flixster--a known cookie chucking, spam-site? I'm only one of many Jodi's, but *sigh*, I think I'd rather be a porn star.

It's like having an albatross around my neck, saying--"I don't think before I click". My kid says that the other Jodi's are probably having this same conversation, but dah-yam, why is it right under MY Google listing?

On the plus side--I'm firming up the edges of Drop Dead Gorgeous. It's all coming so fast, like breaking from Kill Velocity was what I needed to get going again.

And those Mummy Fingers. Ugh. I made the mistake of "eating" one. (c'mon, they looked really good, all opaque and finger-like, I had to break one out and give it a shot) Yeah, Candy was right. The HORROR!!!

It was pretty damned bad.

BUT--the look on everyone's face when I whipped that puppy out and stuck it in my mouth! Priceless....

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Jeanna said...

Nasty little digits, ain't they?