Sunday, August 26, 2007

More thoughts on dialogue as a rough-tool

...actually more like I'm going back to my screenwriting research, but it hit me that I had a very easy time of it once I started in on entry #5, not so much a "huh?" moment, as a "OH!!! Let's go in a whole new direction."

This is probably the best example...'s the rough-draft script of the Matt Damon movie, the Bourne Identity. Tony Gilroy is probably one of the best action-movie screenwriters bar none. His dialogue gets where it's going and his action beats are fast cuts.

The sole "romance" beat is a classic example of understated emotion, but comes across very clear. Loved it in the movie, delicious in the script.


Sure it's bare bones. BUT, screenwriting IS bare bones, and Gilroy is the Brockmann of his field. Good example. It's ninety-two pages of easy on ink print-out. Download it. Take a look. It reads fast.

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