Friday, July 27, 2007

To blog or to edit?

yeah,'s been a week. I finally figured out I work fourteen hours a day, five days a week, and eight hours on each of the other two. So that leaves me with a grand total of EIGHTY FOUR hours to sleep, eat, travel and write. I'm so freaking tired, my hands are starting to shake. BUT I have been buying Jolt Blue again, and popping Euromints.

I want money--hell, I need it, but I also need to write.

I think I'm itchy. I think need new glasses. I think I need to get off my ass and go to bed, because work starts in another seven hours, and I have to get another chapter of edits in before I can hit the sack--NO guarantee that I'll sleep, because now that people know I'm going to be up until four, they call me.

Have I mentioned that I'm itchy? Too tired to scratch. It's towel lint from my night job, I'm probably allergic. Why won't someone put me back in chemical? At least in chemical, if I get something on my hands, it smells good. On the plus side, it was air-conditioned.

My day job was one hundred and eighteen today, I temped it with a bio-therm. It was so hot my EYELIDS started to sweat. I got so staring-mad (hey--you get mad when you're hot and pissed) I totally told my cp to get out of my face, I could handle it. Luckily, he really is my friend--thanks, Cowboy--and left me to rot.

Then he bought me a Coke and chocolate. just don't appreciate friends until they go off and do stuff that makes your nose run.


Jennifer McK said...

WOW!!!! I hope things got better. Hang in there, Cup.

jodi said...

Thanks, Jen. If I'm hanging on, it's only because Cowboy is shoving on me with both hands. He really is a damned good friend.