Friday, July 20, 2007


I'm a foodie, I admit it. I love food blogs, ethnic food blogs...and the new hot thing. CANDY BLOGS!!! OMG, candy blogs. Can anything be cooler than an-end-all-and-be-all about candy?

I recently revisited Wisconsin Candy, and it's like Jane and Michael Stern-land for candy-holics. The link, over in the link section. Then again...maybe not. I can't get Blogger to accept the link. I think it's down again...

  • try this instead

  • I think the great thing about these people is that they're not afraid to do the old favorites, and BOO Fudge? I've never seen anything like it. Bright pink, and bubble gum looking, with NUTS? Whoa, beam me over. I know where I want to go next time I pass through the Dells.

    Cybele did a new article on Bazooka pops. BAZOOKA pops? I've heard of CHARM POPS, and BLOW pops, but Bazooka pops? Where does this woman get her candy?

    The furthest I've gone is EUROMINTS, the original caffeinated mint. I meant to start blogging with pictures, but my phone doesn't take the best pictures, and er...I'm kind of broke coming off vacation. *sigh*


    They're the new Penguin. Hell, they're better'n Penguins, 'cause imho, their back-taste is that much cleaner. Not so much of that chemical backwash, lol. Three tabs are one hell of a wake-up call. (on a personal note, the cinnamon is better than the peppermint).

    The CandyHog
  • right here
  • is dissecting chocolate bars...which is beyond spiffy. A little overly too-too maybe, but still...

    ...if I'm gonna lay out five bucks for a chocolate bar. I want full-color pictures AND description.

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    Jennifer McK said...

    Ooooo the candy blog. See, I can't have any. *sigh*. I need carb free, sugar free, apparently taste free candy. LOL.