Sunday, June 24, 2007

Flying out into Nowhere

...the airline lost my daughter's seat. They said it was a reconfiguration, but I think it was life trying to screw up my vacation. They promised to get it back. I promised to carry-on my luggage just in case.

I hate flying.

Not because I have any kind of fear about flying, but because it's a solid day of traveling with the easily bored. Screaming kids, nasty adults. Large people who should have bought a seat for each side of their er...mighty persona's.

I hope to get where I'm going in one piece. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. If I don't come back, I did a Langolier. If I do...I'm going to learn to blog with pictures!

I think a food/craft of writing blog sounds like it might be a go. A foodie-writing, writing about food...screenplay, novel, nothing-about-cats, probably-lots-about-chocolate blog would be cool.

Back later....


Jennifer McK said...

Oooo a chocolate blog. THAT would be cool. For those of us who can't have it, we could drool over it.
Have a safe flight.

jodi said...

yes, indeedy...a chocolate blog. (but cheap choclate, and maybe odd food of all sorts.)

Thanks, Jen...