Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thoughts on wrapping up

I have the workshop results around here somewhere--God knows, I have gobs of info scattered like crumbs. The strange thing--or what I've been thinking about all week, is how obvious it was all along. Guess I never really looked at a bestselling Harlequin author.

As Janet pointed out, what a bestseller can get away with is different from what a debut author can get away with--and that's very true, but looking at a big, exaggerated template is like looking at one of those blown-up expanded diagrams. It's not that you need to use a special differently colored screw with a store logo on it to put a desk together, you just need something that functions as a screw and the knowledge that a screw works better than a nail.

Was it a good week? Considering the chat didn't happen--it was still a good week.

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