Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sometimes you need to stop

The wind is howling outside the window, the leaves are skittering across the field behind my house, and thank God--the hay is gone. I know it's hay because someone actually mowed it this year. Guess they needed it for the cows or something. There's a drought going on and it hasn't rained in weeks. There are wildfires on the other side of the mountains and up north--occasionally it swings down this way when someone throws a cigarette on the side of the road, but they put it out quickly. Five hundred acres out in the back of beyond are maybe a dozen houses. Five hundred acres in the Seattle metro area is crazed panic.

I'm back on Benadryl. The hives have returned with a vengeance, although telling a doctor I suffer from "stress" just makes them roll their eyes. The funny thing is I break out even when I don't feel pressured, and I'm starting to think I've been running crazy for such a long time I'm stressed at not being stressed. I work better under deadlines anyway. My kid has stabilized for now, and is back to being his normal grumpy self which gave me a little time to organize some folders I created back in June. One contained pictures I took when my friend Laura stopped by on her way to Alaska. It'd been raining for days and then--out of the blue, stopped for twenty-four hours. Just long enough for her to drag me on the Ducks--singing, dancing and boppin' to eighties music while we drove around Seattle in a WW ll amphibious assault vehicle rigged out with a duck bill and loudspeakers. Gotta say, it was the cheesiest thing I've done in...ever. In a sneaking kind of way, I really enjoyed it. Even the bit where the driver got everyone singing Village People songs.

We took a ferry ride over to Bremerton
 ...and I got lost looking for the way home. I carry a map in the car, but forgot Bremerton was in a different county. I figured if I drove around long enough I'd run into something I recognized. I found a church instead--a very cool white one with green trim. It said, "Stop!"
It's been a long time since my last set of church pictures, and I felt goofy making a u-turn in the middle of Bremerton, but the star and Christmas lights were so...I dunno, "folk-art" compared to Holy Rosary in Tacoma. Pretty though, and I have this thing about green.

Gorgeous windows.

I found the sign a few minutes later. Guess I just needed to turn around to see where I had to go.


deanna said...

Sounds like a great time, with a little craziness thrown in. I like that shade of green; nice church. I also love riding the ferry to Bremerton. Sorry about the hives. We're about to get some rain here, and I'm (almost) glad.

Jodi Henley said...

It was the weirdest thing in the world bopping up and down, singing and quacking. But what a beautiful day! And it rained again later that night. It was a beautiful church. It looked loved.

For some reason I keep thinking we're about to get snow, but it's just the haze from the fires drifting over the Cascades. It's very heavy, almost like a pea soup fog. We could use some rain to wash it down. :)