Friday, September 21, 2012

Ramblin' Thoughts

It's fall up in Seattle, and it's hot--not that 80 degrees is hot anywhere else. But after a long, cool summer I was looking forward to a long, tepid winter. Where else can you go where the temperature stays a nice balmy 70 degrees all year round?

The GSRWA conference is coming up. Three days of hanging out, listening to lectures and eating is just what the doctor ordered, not that most people would think of three days of lectures as a vacation, lol. It's been hectically busy, running from doctor appointment to doctor appointment, but it's starting to settle down. I figure by Thanksgiving, I'll be good. My kid is starting to look better. Thank God and the University of Washington. I'm lucky we live in an area with clinical trials. Now if they could just fix the traffic issues. I-5 is like a wall of slowly unrolling carpet every day from 6am-7pm. The potholes and slavering crackpot-drivers just add to the problem.

I just got my copy of the UCLA's February Writer's Studio and I was strongly thinking of going until I realized it was stuff I did on my own--the language was just shinier.

Explore what a story really is, what your readers innately expect when they read, and how to translate your unique story into the universal language of storytelling. ....gauge whether each twist you create is on target or a digression...refine your concept and your protagonist's quest, focusing on what your story is about and how to actualize it. ....working on emotional context, narrative intensity, organic escalations, and high-impact pacing.

I wish "I" could write copy like that. It'd make the Short Story workshop a lot easier to understand. And reminds me--I need to work on explaining organic escalation. Time to whip out the powerpoint.


Hailey Edwards said...

Shiny writing is a skill set, much like blurb writing. (Blurbs are evil, btw.)

We had a decent summer. I didn't fear I would heatstroke on the way to my car but maybe two or three days. It's so much cooler (79) here now, that I'm interested in what winter has in store. Last year was super mild. I would like to shake in my boots at least once this year.

Jodi Henley said...

lol, but I like blurbs. I suspect it has a lot to do with my evil melodrama voice.

It's been a mild summer so far, except for a few weeks of 90 degree weather that blew the roof off the fan market in Seattle. I'm hoping for a nice 65 degrees until next June. :) And I'm not sure that I'm wishing ice storms or freezing weather on you. Wouldn't you rather, mildly, instead?