Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stop snowing already!

Snow is falling. Not that big a deal, really. Just that snow falling in Seattle is a huge event on a line with a major cataclysm because there's never enough de-icer to go around, the snow plows really don't work and everybody running into each other is just brushed off as "many minor accidents." Seriously? Destroying someone's transportation is not minor. *sigh*

It wasn't so bad last night. Fat fluffy flakes drifting downward, making the bridges bad. Nothing (despite the ever present rain) had frozen until I got to the outskirts of town. Sometimes I think there's a wall around this place because the minute I drove over the rumble strips announcing you'd better slow down or risk ticket by speed trap, the roads glittered like diamonds. Beautiful at midnight like nothing else. And slick. Like driving on a sheet of gorgeous glass.

All the gigantic two story high, uber big-wheeled trucks and little beater cars were spinning out like tops. And snow is still coming down, outside my window--falling sideways, which is what snow and rain does here in the Cascade lowlands.

The agency I work for won the P&E poll, not that we do bad work (since of course, I'm prejudiced and think we rock), but it's definitely filling up my schedule. Growing pains I guess. Laura always wanted a company in the same way I wanted to talk craft and we're lucky that we complement each other. Number two for many years, and number one this year. No place else to go since we can't get better than the best, lol.

My workshops are filling up to the point where I'm just starting to black them out. Not in the half serious way I'd black them out before, but in the takes a lot of time kind of way that puts me behind in everything else I'm working on--not that I'd give them up. I've already proven I come down on the side of my workshops before just about anything except my kids. Guess they're my passion.

Damn snow. The flakes are getting bigger and starting to stick. My car looks like a snowball and my scraper is in the trunk. I know nobody cleans the side streets but I'm starting to hearing distressing spinning noises in the distance where the major thoroughfare goes through the middle of town. And we have four more days to go.


Alison said...

Wow! That's great news. Number one at P&E. Congratulations! Very well deserved, in my opinion.

Driving on ice is frightening. I had a little accident after sliding on some ice during a ski trip to Lake Tahoe many years ago.

Ice is one thing we don't worry about in Las Vegas. I guess there is a perk to living here. :-)

deanna said...

Today it must be deep where you are! My brothers' places both have snow. We have rain. I hope you don't have to go in to work...

Hailey Edwards said...

Woot for being #1!

Our weather is nuts. We go from shorts and t-shirts one day to teeth-chattering the next.

Stay safe out there!