Sunday, August 7, 2011

Life is crazy and other randomness

It's been "real" is probably an understatement. You can take it so many ways. But let's just say it's been one of those...two weeks, that make you swell up like a balloon, and stare longingly at chocolate. Which I can't have because it carries too much of a histamine load. Anyway, I've discovered iced tea, not the hot stuff gone cold, which I've been fighting for years, but the cold brew stuff that doesn't have any bitterness. I'm slowly climbing out from under, but I'm running into my usual roadblock. I can't squeeze anymore time out of the day.

It's been getting colder up here. A good thing, since this is probably the only place in the country without central air. I still remember back when I was a kid, selling off my first car--the guy said, "What do you mean this doesn't have a/c?" And I said, "Mister, it's Hawaii. We don't need a/c." I was young. And stupid. Everyone needs air conditioning, or at least a couple of really big fans, but I suspect summer is over because I had to pull out my hoodie. And people have started talking about the Emerald City again. That's usually a fall thing. They're doing a costume party this year, not that I have any intention of going. I check out the autographing and do the diva dinner.

Hopefully things will settle down soon. I'd like to get up to Rainier while the snow is melted and check out the wildflowers. I've always wanted to see avalanche lilies.


Unhinged said...

So summer ends quickly in Seattle? That's a big ole bummer.

And there's no need for a/c in Hawaii?! Really, really, really?

Hopefully things do slow down enough that you can get up to Mt. Rainier. That sounds pretty cool. Mayhap you'll post some photos, too. :-)

jodi said...

lol, I carry my camera. Just never have time to slow down and take pictures. But yeah, you're right--it "is" picture time. (and btw, if you're ever up this way you know you have somewhere to stay right? Even if it is a cramped apartment right now :) We're right on Rainier.

nah, I seriously believe a/c is a trained response. :) I went back a couple of years ago to visit my mom and even though she had a nice house where the tradewinds blew, it was still hot. When I was a kid, 80-90 degrees was nothing. You just got used to it. Going back as an adult from the South, 90 degrees was time to switch on central air (in your car, too). I spent a lot of time in the mall burnt up like a lobster.

Hope you're doing well, Andi. ((hugs))

deanna said...

I hope you can go visit the mountain and the lilies. In sixth grade in Tacoma, I was on the top floor of our old, brick elementary school, and
Rainier was right outside the window. I loved that.

This year may give us a warm, drier fall (that's what I'm hoping for). October heat is never the same as August heat.

jodi said...

I'm hoping for a warm winter all the way around. When the clouds clear, driving up Auburn Way or through Bonney Lake, it's just like driving into a mural.

The snow plows are getting ready to clear off Sunrise so it's not a total loss for the season, I'd like to see it. I've never been :)

deanna said...

You probably live kind of near my brother and sis-in-law. They're sort of in-between Auburn and Puyallup. It's been so long since I lived in the area, though, that I don't remember what is where, exactly.

jodi said...

I actually live in Enumclaw, the last stop before Chinook pass. :) Gorgeous town. It's like a seventies throwback, lots of kids on bicycles riding around all the time, people walking. Big cow pasture next to my window. Lots of farms.

I really like it, although you might have to ask me that again later, after the snow leaves this year. :)