Thursday, July 21, 2011

Odds and ends

It never feels like I have time anymore--what with one thing and the other, there's always something going on. As the years go by all the time I spend trying to fit in at work takes a toll. It gets harder and harder to bounce back after a long day of no-thinking. I was sitting around the other day--eating lunch while I read the paper (someone always brings one in to do the jumble), and my boss brings her kid in to work with her. I've done that before--the perils of being a mother. My kids spent years in the back room stripping books when I used to be a bookseller.

This kid spent the day in the break room, eating snacks and playing Angry Birds, until someone felt sorry for him, lent him her ipad and showed him how to play Bookworm.  His mom came along a few minutes later and was fascinated. Both of them huddled over the ipad finding words three letter words like "the." It turned out to be the electronic version of Word Find.

Other people came in and wanted to play, until everyone was clapping and cheering. Morning people--all of them. Sometimes I think they should have put that in the classified. "Wanted: Cheerful Morning Person. Good at Word Find." Night owls need not apply.

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Hailey Edwards said...


There's no shame in being a night owl or fearing those who embrace the sun.

It's unnatural, that golden orb of radiance. ;)