Sunday, June 12, 2011

Whew! Where does time go?

It's been two weeks and one workshop since my last post. I have half a post written and another tucked into my "plot" folder waiting for a little time. School is winding down and there's a free week before the summer quarter. A good thing since I'm headed to Nationals. Like everyone I know, I'm cleaning out my wardrobe, doing the cut and dye and making sure my kids won't starve without me.

Dinner, laundry, groceries and mom's taxi. I'm trying to stockpile clean towels and negotiate a ride to the airport. Not an easy task now that I've moved farther into the foothills. I'm literally two blocks west of the Cascades and Sea-Tac is a punishing two hundred dollar shuttle ride, each way.

Over on RD people are talking about the fabulous restaurants they're going to visit, and I don't know what universe they live in, but my universe is full of underemployed people and bills. Just the sight of a triple dollar listing is enough to scare me out the door and down the street so I've been checking out Midtown Lunch and Yelp. Love Yelp. If it wasn't for Yelp I'd have never found the Waffle Window--omg! Strawberry-rhubarb with coconut panna cotta and whipped cream on a sugar glazed Belgian waffle--for $4! *Yelp, I love you*

I found a really good Cuban place less than a block away from the hotel, tucked down the street behind the McDonald's and it's looking like dinner. A full meal for six bucks? I'm so there.


Hailey Edwards said...

Yep. I think Nationals and think $. I'm going when it comes to ATL (I think 2013?), assuming I'm still hanging around by then. ;)

That way, it will be close to home and I'll know if it's worth the penny-pinching to go again.

jodi said...

I really hate script blocker--not because it doesn't work and lets random things infect my computer, but because it's annoying.

But anyway, I can't afford Anaheim (without a miracle), so I might see you in ATL.:) If you can't afford it, just go to hang out. I see a lot of people who visit friends, check out the autographing and schmooze. I might just show up in Anaheim for a day (cheap round trip tickets), but the five hundred something dollar fee, hotel and everything else are killer.

That's why I'm all about cheap eats. :) And taking advantage of the GH desert bar.

Kaige said...

Bummer, Anaheim's close enough I figured I'd have to go. ;) But even if you come down for the day, that'd be awesome.

jodi said...

Got to go for DivaFest, Kaige. I volunteered to organize the workshops for next years NGTCC, but I can't miss our expansion into an actual "room", lol.

btw, meet the new *bowing* workshop coordinator for RD. All official and everything. :) I already have two craft workshops and an agent workshop. Doing good! :)