Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On the contrary, I know exactly how much I'm worth.

Let me present myself. I am called Jodi Henley and I am worth precisely 40 dollars and twenty-six cents. I know it because that is the sum mima paid for me. It is not every woman has the same opportunities of ascertaining her real value.

You'd think a book I can quote verbatim would be some great and fabulous thing, better'n St. Expuery and more profound than Basho, but it's a sad reflection on my lurid taste that I'm a sucker for pirate novels and own a first edition of Captain Blood.
I love Arabella and Peter's first meeting.
"A lady should know her own property," said he.

I grew up with the seventies version, where Peter is this hot guy with a vague resemblance to Errol Flynn, but this 1922 version is cool. There are plates from the "PhotoPlay" and the guy they got to play Peter is an actor by the name of J. Walter Kerrigan. He "looks" a lot like the cover, but he's short. Guess I'm used to westerns where the hero comes shoulder high on a horse. Kerrigan is so short it's like Arabella is riding a Clydesdale.

All joking aside, I'm glad mima bought me. There's a big difference in selling yourself and putting yourself up for auction. I think I do fairly well, and at this point I'm nowhere near the cheapest name in the book, but I told Hailey I'd have logged into my pseudonym and bid on myself before I started a post with, "I'm worth precisely one dollar and twenty-six cents." :)


Hailey Edwards said...

Aww. I would have saved you from the dollar bin. I had a moment after tweeting you were up for sale where I thought--why did I do that? Whyyyyyy?

jodi said...

lol, because you're a nice person and you wanted to help Bria. :) She's a totally worthy cause and anyone who did a "30 Days" as a minimum wage worker in a strange city living in her car deserves a break.

Thanks, Hailey. :)