Sunday, April 24, 2011

Long week, lots of randomness

Back when I switched over from my old blog to the current format, I remember a friend told me not to speak of personal things. "You're a professional now," she said. And yeah--that's true. But try as I might, I can't be anybody but myself and it's my blog. I have years of archives. Everything from trying to get published (ninety nine rejections on a single title) to sniffling over edits, and taking that first step toward doing a workshop.

I miss talking about stuff. There are a couple of blogs out there I used to read on a regular basis but stopped because there wasn't a break--just dry informational posts. Nice as those are I like the randomness of interacting with "people" and sometimes the blog gets so popular it's obvious the blogger can't keep up with the comments--and what's the point?

God knows I never want to get to the point I can't say hello to everyone.

It's been a long week of trying to stay on the straight and narrow. I came really close earlier today when I forgot about the hives and ate some ham. My entire hand turned into a lobster claw and I couldn't write. Luckily it went away after I calmed down and took a nap. Not that I want to trade Benadryl for self-induced narcolepsy.

I'm sadly behind on everything, although my house is finally coming together. Moving was a good thing. And this place is just too cool.


Hailey Edwards said...

I know what you mean. I'm horrible about not taking the time to ramble aimlessly on my own blog. (Although, my group blog is stuck with me. Heh.)

The person behind the blog must be as interesting as the material. After all, they're the one who wrote it. There's no harm in sharing who you are with your audience. After all, that's what we come here for. ;)

And good lord, woman. You have got to get better!

deanna said...

Life is randomness, or at least a wandering journey. I'm like you, I get bored by business-only stuff. Give me the personal stories, with heart.

So I gather you moved, and I'm so glad you have a better place. Maybe pictures will appear when you're unpacked and feeling all better. :o)

Unhinged said...

I just realized my coveted super power: self-induced narcolepsy! I know it may seem boringly stupid at first, but I bet I could finally do more than two things at once (successfully) if I squeezed in all the Zs I need.

Thanks for coming up with the idea, Jodi!

...that said, I hope you'll write what you feel like writing about here. This IS your blog and that IS your name. Surely you are more than just an organic-born consultant geek hoping for an unstructured event to organizate.

(Yes, I know organizate isn't a word, but that's what my fingers typed and I like it too much to delete. Please note my screen name.)

...and that said, I miss writing about stuff, too. I miss the online relationships and connection. One of these days, I'm gonna get my groove back.

Just call me Stella. I'll call you Yodi.

jodi said...

lol, Hailey. I can't do a group
blog to save my life. I'm way too unorganized. And *sigh* my life is drama. All I want is plain vanilla pudding. In a plain vanilla cone. Boring. With lots of cash. And you can't see it but I'm scratching and swearing at myself. The hives are dying down and the heat rash has come back. Maybe the underarmor has a washability limit. Wish I knew. :(

lol, Deanna. I carry my handy camera with me but between sleeping off the move and hives and unpacking (and calming everyone down) I haven't had time to take pictures. I love it though. Whenever I drive home my eyes are happy. :)

Unhingey!! 'bout time you came to visit. I've been thinking about you. :)

and lol, I snorted coke (back on caffeine) through my nose when you described what I do. I've got to change that thing :)

Shows you how old I am when first thing I thought about was Streetcar called Desire and not Terry McMillan. And I miss being called Yodi. Now it's sort of a fluting high piping voice--very Russian with very random syllable placement but they can say the "j" sound.


hope you're okay, Andi. I think it's just been a bad year.