Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new start and a new year

Anytime you start a blog post with, “It’s been a long time...” it’s not good. It has been exactly one month and four days since the last time I blogged, and I’m pretty sure that was sometime after Thanksgiving.

I changed my blog again, and I think it kind of put me off. Not that I don’t like the stripped white look, but that’s me you know--leaning up in the corner like I have something to say other than stream of conscious craft stuff. I started out—God knows, years ago, messing with blogger—hiding behind logos and avatars, terrified of all the people out there who all knew more than me and weren’t afraid to tell me so.

I was pretty green, and the sheer volume of info was like a paper tidal wave, because I kept saving things and printing them out, and tucking stuff into folders, and entering contests like if I just kept sucking down what was out there I’d finally figure it out. Nothing ever seemed to work. I still have piles of scenes on index cards, character wikis, lecture notes and snowflake plot diagrams lying around my room like thought bunnies.

It’s been a long haul and recently, a new beginning, and I want to thank Briana, Jen, Kimberly and Guy. In particular Guy—who still has no idea what his act of random kindness did for me.

It’s good to have friends who don’t see what you are, but what you can be.


Kaige said...

Happy New Year, Jodi! I've been thinking about you a lot over the holidays and hoping all was well with you!

May 2011 bring the best for you!

Jennifer Leeland said...

You've been a fount of information and probably don't realize how much your voice in the wilderness reaches those of us who are lost.
Happy New Year, my friend!

deanna said...

Voice in the wilderness is a good term, and you're a great one, Jodi. I relate to being green. Still am, and I still collect stuff to help me learn, but not so flailingly anymore, I think.

Hope you are well. My hubby's curled on the sofa with a relapse. :op

MG Braden said...

Happy New Year, Cup! Great photo.

Unhinged said...

Happy New Year, Yodi Girl! My gosh, I sure hope 2011 is a GOOD new beginning.

jodi said...

lol, Kaige. I think I will always have the flu for as long as I have my current job. *sigh* I hope this is the right year for you--you know you're that close. :)

Happy New Year, Jen!

Deanna, when I read for pleasure, your blog is where I go. I'm pretty sick, but it's the start of the winter quarter and--oh well. Still love my job. :)

MG!! squeak. Happy New Year!

Andi ((hugs)) and yes, I did hug you. I think I'm changing. I thought of you recently. I hope you're well and it's a good beginning for both of us. :)

liana laverentz said...

Here's some Cyber Champagne...for a toast to new beginnings! Happy New Year, Jodi!

Charli Mac said...

Information overload almost had me giving up! But I love the craft, my characters, and can't imagine giving up. I am very glad to have found this blog (Liana referred it to me). Cheers and happy writing in 2011.

jodi said...

Happy New Year, Liana!

And thanks for stopping by Charli. If you have any questions or anything, don't hesitate to ask, okay?

Eva Gale said...

Love you, too. *muah*

um. my verification is dummy. Your blog is mean, yo.