Thursday, November 25, 2010

Maybe that was a little too much all at once

Life is way too short and no one can accuse me of sleeping--there isn't enough time, all the more so as I get older. I know people say, "Hey, look at your grandma. She's still alive and she's 96," but that's my grandma. I suspect it has something to do with walking, and I'm the kind of person who drives a car across the parking lot.

With the accident and four back to back workshops--it's been one hell of a ride and this is the first time I've had a chance to do anything, much less clean the bathrooms or go grocery shopping. It was probably the storm. It's not everyday Seattle gets slammed with everything from 4 degree temperatures to 50 mph wind gusts and 3 inches of ice. My power went out during the wind storm, and I sat there--in the dark, wishing I'd bought one of those hand cranked lanterns.

I'm not really a candle person, and all those cappuccino, gingerbread and evergreen candles I bought last season made me queasy. Glad I didn't give into branding and buy Yankee candles. My kids sat around, messing with their half charged laptops and flashlights. I don't think I'd have made it back before electricity, because I started getting the disconnected fidgets and the candles made me sleepy.

I had pages of workshop notes and tried to put them in order, but every time the lights would jump, I'd doze off and wake up drooling.

By the time they shut this place down on Monday, I was willing to trade candles for cold. I'm "not" good at driving on ice, and neither is anyone else. It took my kids over nine hours to travel twenty three miles, and some people were so fed up they abandoned their cars on the highway and walked. I live on a hill, and even if it "is" shallow, ice means everyone parks at the bottom.

I have one consulting to knock out, a few things I want to do over the holidays, and then it's back to consulting, but for now--I'm going to crash and when I get up, I'm going to put my turkey in the oven and thank God I went to the store Sunday.


Jennifer Leeland said...

Wow! That is a lot! It's good to see you kicking ass though.
Enjoy your turkey!

jodi said...

lol, Jen--my life is full of drama. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

deanna said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jodi, or close to it. :o) I hope you got some sleep. I drove ten miles to work on ice Tuesday and was high on adrenaline for a while. We didn't have the storm you did, though. Today I hope it's better up there. Got power?

I like your blog's look. Maybe you're just playing with it, like I do with mine. Looking spiffy!

jodi said...

lol, Happy Thanksgiving, Deanna! Ten miles on ice? Ugh. I managed to get home before the ice and snow hit and stayed home until this morning. My power kept going in and out. It's on for now (and hopefully for a good while to come)

Thanks! I kind of like the way it looks too. I've been wanting to do a picture and the colors are pretty. :)

Kaige said...

I was thinking about you with all the weather reports up that way crying doom and gloom of near apocalyptic proportions. Hope you managed to cope with little inconvenience.

Hope the turkey was good! We had leftovers today for lunch... yummy!

Love the new(?) layout. So light and spacious! Looks great.

Eva McKellen said...

Hi Jodi

sounds like you had a time of it!
I live on top of a gentle mountain and cars were being abandoned by the side of the road here tonight too. But at least we had power. It's hard enough with ice and then no power. Glad it came back on for you and stayed on. I hope you are taking a well-deserved break this weekend after another fantastic workshop! You do really help us so much.


PS I really like the new look of your blog

jodi said...

Hi Kaige--I love this color scheme. Deanna's right, I just play with it, looking for the perfect fit. Weird how it's evolved from slate blue and gray to industrial gray, then over to this sort of...blank white (the white hurt my eyes, so it's actually a shade over) page. I just stayed home. Very lucky.

Love turkey! Especially leftover sandwiches. :)

Hi Eva! Thanks, I love my new look too. It's spacious, you know? And thanks so much for the compliment. When I finally publish, I'm sending you an autographed copy right off. :)

Hailey Edwards said...

I'll echo what everyone else has said, the blog looks great. I like your fancy new picture. ;)

I don't know how you get up the nerve to drive on ice. I guess living so far south, the concept of frozen water becomes something you find cubed in your freezer during the summer months. Something used only to cool your sweet tea.