Sunday, August 22, 2010

Woot! Going live with "Using Core Events to Create Organic Plot Points"

...which pretty much means that no matter what--I'm always going to have issues with long, wordy titles. The good thing is that it sucks in the people who are interested in randomy craft geekery, while the bad thing is--it turns "off" people not interested in random craft geekery. Not that it's going away or anything since it looks like it's turning into the theory and practice of pantsing in two thousand easy lessons.

I did notice that the more work I do into organic structure, the more it grows. Questions trigger questions, and thoughts just keep unraveling, spilling into other thoughts--building on themselves and growing into, yeah--well, a big organic structure.

This video is all about how a core event works and how to use it. The next one will be how to use organic plot points to create organic plot. Now I've just got to write it.


Hailey Edwards said...

Woo hoo! Nicely done, lady.

Does this mean Jane and John dolls will be sold on your blog in the future? ;)

The tins were a great idea. Every time they shake, I do have a momentary pause about the bits and pieces rattling around in there.

jodi said...

lol, maybe I should make some John and Jane core event dolls as giveaways. I wonder if anyone would even want one. They might want a can of Jolt caffeinated mints, though.

You might have noticed one rattled a lot more than the other, and I'm not making "that" steamy comment, lol.

It's weird. Every ending gets a little...random, but turns into a new video. Maybe I should just splice them all together and trim the last two or three paragraphs from each one.

Maybe I should get with the video terminology, lol. "In the last two paragraphs of the video..."


Guess you're in it for the long haul, Hailey. :) Tell me if you notice there are pieces I need to add as I roll on, because I'm way too close to the subject matter.

lol...John and Jane dolls. :)

deanna said...

Awesome again! I'm getting this stuff, thanks to the audio-visuals (how ancient does that term make me sound?). I can see this being one long video, but the "chapters" are probably best for youtube, where things get chopped up, anyway.

John and Jane dolls might be big. :o)

jodi said...

lol, Deanna. You know we're very close to the same age. I still remember rolling the AV cart down the hall in high school--and my favorite memory. Saying no when the librarians searched me out and asked if I wanted to be in a new class they were forming called "computers". Wow, that brings back memories.

I'm glad it's working for you. :) I keep thinking of them as "distilled", like it's all squeezed down, but it's helping me to focus.

The next one should be pretty hard, although I have a lot of it thought out. How to do it so it all shows? *thinking thinking*

I can see the practical applications of a real Jane doll if I could make one that worked like a core event. *thinking again*


jodi said...

You know...a computer program that simulated a core event and how it happened would work really well. Just a thought.

Hailey Edwards said...

I thought the dolls were cute. I would totally keep one on my desk. ;)

I like the way you have the videos now, actually. I like stand-alone snippets that I can re-read or re-watch and kind of digest. Then, if it leads into another facet of the same subject, or all new material, it's one click to the next video and voila! Kind of like a hook at the end.

And I doubt seriously I would ever think of anything you haven't. I'm more of a sponge and less of of fluid knowledge? LOL

jodi said...

I've actually been thinking of practical toys and software based on core events and had to chase myself away. Maybe one year--(next year, lol)I just don't have the coding knowledge to get what I "see" out.

:) Although plushies? hmmm....they'd make good Christmas presents.

Anonymous said...

I missed this one--your visual aids are awesome--that just adds SO much clarity, and you are adorable.


oh, hey, the other anon comment was me, too. :-)