Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's been a long time coming

Just because you identify a need, doesn't make it easy, or yeah--I guess everyone would be doing it. I've been working on videos. A ten month promise on my part, and something I've come to realize can only happen once a month. I have the content, but trying to squish all of it down into five minute sound bites is hard. Each video triggers other videos.

Craft is so interconnected. Core events flow into using core events for organic plot points, and that made me want to talk about using environment and population movements to create characters before their core events. I started out thinking ten and I've already sketched out twenty. I have no idea where I'll stop, but setting up an archive is tempting. I've been watching youtube, looking for the same kind of stuff--y'know, so I don't duplicate what's already out there--and it surprised me that nobody's explored characterization in detail.

There are books on character building, but I dunno. I've never been a fan of lists, and a lot of them don't really "say" anything. Sort of like that Ueland book. People have been telling me for years, get If You Want to Write, and I finally did. Great book, if you don't write genre fiction. After the fifth slam against "mindless fluff" I got tired of it. If anyone wants a brand new copy of If You Want to Write, a book about independence and spirit, let me know. It didn't really say much and it's got no great insights, but it's shiny and makes a good paperweight.


Hailey Edwards said...

That's why I'm leery of purchasing craft books. I can't afford to even go off recommendation because what works for one person sets the next one back five paces.

At least you're getting some use out of your book. :)

deanna said...

That's kinda funny, because my sis-in-law just sent me a journal that has a romance novel cover -- she wants me to write a story in it to give back to her. Not that I would consider it mindless fluff, but I wouldn't know how to satisfy her yearning for a good romance!

If you're interested, I'll send the journal your way...or maybe I should simply send my sil a copy of your book...there we go. :o)

jodi said...

lol, Hailey. It makes a fabulous platform to stick my green raku bowl on because it's a new soothing blue. :)

Deanna, if you'd like I can send the Ueland book your way. It's very nice, and...I don't know. It's just not me. I also have a copy of Gail Sher's The Intuitive Writer, which didn't really connect either. Yours for the asking, or perhaps? For the giving away? I hate getting rid of books unless they're going to a good home. I'm pretty sure I have your address.

deanna said...

If you'd really like to send one or both, and it would help clear out space and all...sure! I could at least pass them on, if I don't find them helpful. I'd be glad to send you back the postage.

I just took several books on writing craft to the local used store that sometimes buys them. They didn't need them, so maybe there are enough floating around in the writers' world for a while...People want videos now, right? ;o)

jodi said...

lol, they should since I'm working so hard on them. :)

don't worry about the postage, media mail is pennies on the dollar. It just takes a long time in transit. I got both of these from a used bookstore. One was a markdown and one was older but interesting. Maybe there are enough writing books out there. :)