Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting ready for Nationals

It's been a really long year. I always pay for Nationals way back in January because you can never tell, and to say I'm a little overly controlling is an understatement. Which means at this point the conference and airfare--godawful horrible as it is--are paid. Everything else isn't--and yeah, it's been one of those years.

People say the economy is getting better but I haven't seen much improvement. A lot of people I know are just squeaking by and almost everyone I work with has two jobs. I'm down on hours, up on bills--and that degree isn't doing me much good. But--I do have some decent clothes, spiffy hair and two roomies. I also have a couple of killer pitches and nice business cards.

On my to-do list? Hem pants (because I'm short), iron clothes (although I don't see why--I'll probably have to iron again later. Maybe I won't) and clean out my SD card. I plan on taking lots of pictures.


deanna said...

I've come to enjoy your annual report from Nationals. I hope it'll be worth it for you in a big way this time. Always count the value of getting away from the usual. :o)

jodi said...

lol, Deanna. I promise not to do a snarky annual general meeting. Although I'll still go just to check it out. And there should be lots of pictures this year since I have a better camera.

And God willing, I hope this is the right year (if not, you're right. It's a nice treat :)

Hailey Edwards said...

*waves hand*

I want to see lots of pics!

I hope this year brings you lots of good things. Enjoy your trip, and I hope it's a safe one.

I agree with you about the economy. When it crashed, my husband lost his part time job (half our income). Here we are, a year or year and a half later with his primary gone. It's freaking terrifying.

I've never had to "what if," and I don't like it. lol

jodi said...

lol, Hailey. I am so broke. I'm doing this on spare change and hopes. I hope nothing bounces. *sigh* Pictures as soon as I can get them loaded, lol