Friday, July 2, 2010 cards

Nationals is 25 days away and I have three shirts, a carry-on and a pitch. I was hoping for a pair of pants, but that's the problem with living in uniform. I have lots of uniforms and maybe ten pieces of real clothes.

To be honest--I do have shoes. Black, in different styles. Pumps, flats, sneakers, boots, clogs--slides? You name it, I probably have a pair. Sometimes I think I'm like the guy with forty different pieces of clothing, all identical so he doesn't have to wonder what to wear.

I also have business cards. I made them myself. Nice. All gray with my logo all fancy and stuff. Then my oldest son showed me--over and over again--the scene in American Psycho where Bateman is talking about business cards and convinced me less is more. I pointed out more is more, especially at RWA, since people give me everything from foil embossed cards, to picture cards and everything in-between. He pointed out not everyone will have classic embossed cards "and" I could use them year after year. Which is true.

After checking them out, I'm far from having them myself. I can't afford 300 dollars for fifty cards. I can, however, afford the cheap knockoff for ten bucks. With brochures, lol.

Not that I ever thought I'd have brochures. I thought I'd have slacks.

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