Friday, April 30, 2010

Totally lacking in caffeinated goodness

I've been crashing recently--okay, maybe not true. I've been cranking on two hours of sleep a night and it finally caught up to me. At a certain point, your stomach starts to hurt and you zone for no reason.

I really hate Excel with a passion, and these financial analysis exercises I've been going through haven't been fun. I dread the thought of learning more Access than I ready know, so it's a good thing I'm about to wrap up the retraining. It can't come soon enough because I'm burnt out on school. Business math was cool and small groups, but the rest of it was like getting a series of botched root canals.

I just ran some ideas past the Small Business Administration, and thank God they brought me down to earth because seriously--I wanted to change the world. I still want to change the world, but slower now. Not so much a tidal wave but a tidal surge.

I have another workshop coming up. Same one. Organic structure. Funny how it all seems clear to me, but I tend to lose people between theory and practice. I've been working on better explanations, so maybe this time it'll be better. I really think I need to do some videos, but my kid convinced me I don't want to do anything until I can work it all through and find the right place. And here I'd been thinking of just setting up a gigantic sticky note easel in my bedroom. I might just co-opt a classroom at school instead. Look all professional and stuff in my jeans and cup o'noodles t-shirt, lol

I do have something on prologue structure for later in the year, mostly because I actually "like" prologues, and have been kicking around the idea of a three step process to refine emotional under structure in a silly-simple way. Funny-strange. I did the original footwork as part of an "answer" and spent the next day thinking of implications.

The JR Ward book arrived on Tuesday. I love Amazon. Right in the middle of "what if..." loan analysis. I've been waiting for Darius' story and it almost killed me to leave it in the box. Her Covet-angel series isn't all that hot, but the Brotherhood is still kicking.


Hailey Edwards said...

Somehow it comforts me to know I'm not the only one suffering from Brother withdrawal.

My buddy Cheryle works at The Bookstore in Radcliff, KY. She is my Ward hookup. I'm sort of compulsive with my autographed book collecting (at least where two authors are concerned) and she makes sure I get my BDB fix signed and on time. This year LM came a day before release.

Too bad my book is due to Jess on May 10th and to my editor by the end of the month. I can't breathe, let alone read.

For added suckiness, Changes is sitting on my desk right next to Lover Mine. On the 11th, I'm going on a reading holiday while I pretend edits are a figment of my imagination. ;)

jodi said...

lol, I broke down somewhere between learning how to do macros and nested "if" functions to read Changes (really good. Won't spoil it for you)

And every time I pass the Ward book, I pick it up and read 1 chapter. Kills me to put it down. It's better than the last one. I keep looking at it, and it keeps calling, "come...sit down and read me." *sigh*

It's funny how the Bookstore in Radcliff keeps coming up. I remember rooming with Debbie from the bookstore during the '06 conference. Nice woman. I heard she moved on to work with the library out there.

Take a deep breath. It'll get done. :) And on June first you'll have a great pile of TBR. :)

Eva Gale said...

Surges are good.

and SLEEP, fer crying out loud, would ya?

jodi said...

Eva--after all these years of knowing me, you think I sleep? The only reason I'm crashing is that my kid took my caffeinated mints and I don't have the time to order some from thinkgeek. :)