Friday, January 29, 2010

Woozy and tired

It's been a really long month and I'm not a fan of January, Funny how it used to be one of my favorites. It's my kid's birthday, the anniversary of Jack's death, and what would have been our thirtieth wedding anniversary. It's also the month I found out I had severe anemia and had someone say the h-word to me. Not that I'd ever used Jodi and hysterectomy in the same sentence before.

I'm sort of tippy-toeing around the subject now, checking out some good info from Deanna at the same time I'm lurking through the uterine fibroid embolization yahoo group. From my own research, I'd be a good candidate. It's not like it's experimental anymore--"and" like an ultra fabulous bonus, it's got a shorter recovery time, costs less and has a success rate in the high 90's. The gynecologist didn't want to explore my options until she said "hysterectomy" and I said "no."

Very knee-jerk of me, I know, but still...

She was concerned about the bleeding, and now that I know what's causing the anemia, I'm taking measures to fix it. There are a couple other problems, but they don't appear to be caused by the fibroids, which makes a hysterectomy a big, fat "ha." We compromised on some pills. I can deal with a ten dollar co-pay and a follow up visit in six months.

I'm still a little woozy and I get tired easily, but after my gp explained how iron "works" I can see why. I'm trying to build up my reserve.

On the plus side, the gynecologist did scare me into going on a diet (that and my weight. I had to take off my shoes before I believed I actually "was" that heavy) and I've cut back on my salt because of my blood pressure.

On the bad side, I'm still working my way through those craft/rhetoric books, and I only recently opened the Genette again. I have way too much homework, my house needs a good scrubbing, I have projects lined up. And...I need to breathe and give thanks.


Eva Gale said...


deanna said...

January getting over sounds like a good thing. That fibroidy option sure sounds like it's worth looking into. Doctors are finding other options than their knee-jerk ones, methinks. Happy new month tomorrow!

Jennifer Leeland said...

Hang in there hon.

jodi said...

Thanks Eva and Jen. :)

Y'know...I think you're right, Deanna. It's not just knee-jerk on my part, but on the doctor's part as well. *sigh* Happy February!