Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday already

Okay, it's actually one minute past midnight. But it's "technically" Thursday. I spent a couple of really good days doing A/P work for my boss (he's trying to help and I need the hands-on) and started in on my Christmas cookies.

I know it's early, but I spent years selling gingerbread for presents and I don't think my kids can get through the holidays without sugar unicorns and gingerbread trees. Just the sight of the unicorn cutter makes me nauseous. One batch makes 36 cookies, unless you make unicorns@48 to a batch. And no one ever ordered "just" one.

I once did 500 unicorns (with gold horns, white tails, and blue eyes) in exchange for a new-in-the-box Barbie mansion, complete with working elevator and rooftop spa. When she was small, my kid owned every Barbie, Skipper and variation known to mankind, including the modeling stage with the pretend-they're-walking conveyor belt and integrated sound system. Now that she's older, it's all about game-systems.

So far, so good. It keeps her mind off cars.


Jax Cassidy said...

I bet the gingerbread cookies are yummy. Never seen a unicorn one but that sounds awesome :)

I make a mean rum cake. I like to bake and it's an awesome way to get things off your chest at the same time.

Pssst..don't tell everyone but I just learned to bake not long ago. LOL

jMo said...

I don't know which impresses me most, the fact that you don't ever seem to sleep, you can do that much baking, you're starting on Christmas now when I'm still holding off on Thanksgiving baking, you're doing something I'd interview you for if you lived anywhere near me, and you actually sell your wares. And gingerbread— unicorns and trees no less.
Damn. Gold horns, white, tails, blue eyes, oh my.
And the Barbie mansion and modeling stage with sound system (I feel I'm just retyping your post so I'll stop now).
Damn. I had a Skipper once, but that was pretty much it. Then again I got Incredible Edibles, which probably suited me more. Mmm, licorice snakes.

jMo said...

That's white tails I believe. I meant to tell you I tried that who the hell is linking to me and apparently nobody is linking to me. There was one place that also listed TMZ and The Blog of Hilarity on their Blog Roll, but they were talking about something else.

HipFunkyJive said...