Thursday, October 15, 2009

So many thoughts...

MG says it was the enormous drink she had at the Emerald City conference that made her eyes glaze over, but it was probably the way I grabbed Doc's napkin and started sketching character intersections and algebraic equations.

Imho--it needs a whiteboard and Youtube video to make sense. Not totally out of the question, since I figured out how to do it.

...not that I "will" do it until I write out a script and get a haircut. I don't mind a bunch of random strangers telling me I suck, but I'd rather not have eight hundred people tell me I have "mushroom head".

I also wonder if I can carry off a parody or it'd have to be one of those deadly dull things. Hey! Ask a Ninja has spiffy theme music, AND cool clothes.

--maybe a nice tweed dress

...with leather patches and a pipe? A comfortable but obviously expensive armchair. A wine glass! Water Music playing softly in the background and me, in a voice like plum jam, "Wel-come, to Ask an Author."

A couple of months ago, Elizabeth Gilbert spoke to a group of writers about nurturing creativity. Good lecture. I remember nodding, but it passed right over my head. I thought it was the setting. Big lecture hall, lots of studious looking people. Spotlight.

But then I listened to some guy in a jumpy close-up and felt the same way. I'm not sure what that means for "Jodi and her Presentation sized Post-its do obscure theories in three minute sound bites" but I think I might have to wave my arms and jump around.

ideas fighting to get out:

More on structure, I think I was too short

Expand algebraic theory. Random variables? There's got to be a way to figure them out ahead of time

If a lot of little stuff equals one big stuff, "event horizon" is the key. It won't go away. Is a black hole's event horizon a good way to look at the end? Am I even making sense?? Will I make sense in the morning? What happens if I erase the scribble on my forearm, will the thoughts vanish?

And why is the pumpkin farm on the wrong side of the road? My kid wants a pumpkin.


deanna said...

I needed a good chuckle this morning. You're very descriptive, as if you worked with words a lot or something... :o)

jodi said...

lol, you think I'd get better after such a long time. :)

The Youtube thing is making me laugh. I wish I could cut and edit video so I could make it all choppy and random like one of those Bill Nye the Science Guy videos. My kid has a Mac, maybe he can do it for me.

Alice Audrey said...

I want to see the video! I really do!

I find black hole event horizons work very well for the end of a narrative. They are predictable, yet still very compelling.