Saturday, September 5, 2009

Not the Swine Flu, thank God...

I’ve been a bad blogger. My only excuse is that I’ve been sick. Not a cool thing when it’s sucking up my free time.

I thought it was just sleep deprivation, but apparently I have the flu. A really long, really bad case of the flu (although thankfully not the swine flu).

Aches, pains, sore neck, sore throat, congestion and general malaise. My kid thinks I need a checkup. I think I need more co-Tylenol. It’s hard to get over something when you’re burning the candle at both ends. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to co-Tylenol, (along with everything else in my life), so I’ve been popping Benadryl. Benadryl and co-Tylenol at the same time are like a mallet. Pop pills, zonk out.

I fell asleep during the middle of Dinner Impossible. No clue why I like it. The guy is crazy-rude. But there he was—running around the Philadelphia zoo—making live cricket Jello-shots. And I fell asleep. I don’t even know if he won the challenge.

And it’s been raining. Finally. After a summer-long drought. Rain pounds my deck and makes the frogs sing. Today, I threw a roast in the bbq because I was too tired to mess with the slow-cooker and it started to pour. Rain billowed up in clouds of garlic scented steam. A good thing. It kept the roast moist. :)

I rarely "cook" things on the grill. I just start a small, low fire, throw in some meat and let it go. Couple hours later, I open it up and pull out dinner. I approach cooking the same way I approach Thanksgiving. Turn on the oven, find a pan, fill it with food, close the oven and open it up later. It usually works.

My brothers are actual real-life chefs. Truffle this and balsamic that. Reductions and weird herbs. Saute pans.

I have a cast iron frying pan and a couple of dinged up pots I bought at an antique store. I also have sauces. Trader Joe's curry, Lee Kum Kee's Korean bbq, Noh brand teriyaki. Open jar, add meat. I'm not much of a cook. I could probably live the next five years with a bbq grill and a microwave.

Someone asked me a question! Yay for questions. They keep me occupied. Hopefully I'll finish thinking it through tomorrow. If I don't take more Benadryl.


Kaige said...

Ugh. I was wondering if you were ok or swamped with back-to-school stuff or something.

And rain? Whazzat? Send some so we can try it out. It's been miserably hot here. Yes we have AC, but everyone is tuned into that expectation of 72˚F year round Sunny SoCal mentality so 100˚+ weather really sucks.

Take care of yourself. That roast sounded soooo good.

Hmm WV: nologre: hope you're not feeling like any kind of ogre soon! :)

Unhinged said...

I think your kid's right--you should go for a check-up. Yeah, we both know the doc's going to tell you the obvious, but there could be something else wrong that will help from always getting sick, woman.

Starting with getting



Sleeping's not just for when you're sick. And I'm sure that's one reason why you're run down so often.


jodi said...

lol, Kaige. Swamped with the reaction between co-Tylenol and Benadryl. I wish I could send the rain. From 89 to 64 in less than a week. And it rains and rains and rains.

I've been thinking about watching Shrek. I've never watched it. Just clips Maybe I should

yes, Mom. That sound is the sound of my kid saying, "Listen to her. It might be something bad, and then I'd have to take care of my brother and sister. Go to the doctor."

*sigh* It's not like I don't have health insurance. And a couple days off soon.

Maybe the doctor would be a good idea. Thanks, Mom.

deanna said...

Dang, I hoped you were off vacationing and taking pictures of churches. But I've been tired and sore-throatish the past week, and am finding a few more dreams a night a helpful thing. You maybe should listen to Mom...