Monday, August 3, 2009

Side trips

With everything I've got going on in my life, I never have enough time. Between family, work and school, I get four hours of sleep a night and the rest disappears into a gazillion projects.

If plans were dollars, I'd be rich.

But...because of a promise to a friend, I squeezed out some me-time. I'd been meaning to explore Tacoma. It's a beautiful city that doesn't get enough credit.

"Tacoma", I'd say. And people would run around screaming, "Aack! Tacoma??" Like other cities don't suffer from gang violence and ghettos. Compared to Rainier Ave in Seattle, Tacoma is shabby seconds.

Every time I'd drive down I-5, I'd see a steeple off to my right. And for some reason, steeples pull me like a magnet.

I love old churches with a passion. The stonework and glass. The sheer weight and size of the doors. Maybe I spent too much time reading Robin Hood, but when I see a church I think "sanctuary".

The word resonates.

Turns out the church I saw is called the Church of the Holy Rosary. One of three sister churches established back in the late 1800's. Two of which I still need to find.

I'm not the best photographer, but it's gorgeous church with clean, sweeping lines.

The doors weren't open. I don't know why that's important to me, but..I guess I just like the idea.

I stumbled on waymarking. It means to gps interesting places. A long time ago it meant something else. Maybe I'm creating my own waymarks.


Alice Audrey said...

I was just discussing the paperless future with my daughter this morning. Seems the modern age gives a new sense of what is and what is not both lasting and accessible. If you're adding the church site to the blogosphere, it's bound to be far more accessible than the church itself, regardless of how ephemeral.

Ok, fine, I'm not getting enough sleep either.

jMo said...

I've been hunchbacking around my loft screaming "sanctuary" lately.
Your package arrived, what a pleasant surprise, can't wait to open it. Off swimming before I melt into insanity now.

deanna said...

Nice church and looks familiar, but I haven't been up close to it. The Tacoma church I got married in is neat, though smaller. Let me know next time you're church-hunting in that area...:o)

jodi said...

lol, Alice. The waymarking site is cool. There's a whole subsection on steeples. A bunch down in OR look really good, and would make great sidetrips. :)

*laughing* You don't think you're Esmeralda, Jeanna?

Uhm...maybe I need to be off-line when you open the package. It might be small, but I stuffed a lot of half nekkid torsos in there. :)

Hi Deanna! I sure will, maybe you can point me in the direction of some small gems. :)

Next week (barring bad weather) I'd like to go find St Patrick and St Leo to complete the trinity. :)

jMo said...

Loving the naked torsos and am on a quest to see if there is a trend in downsizing male body hair in romance novel art.
Sometimes I see excessive pit hair like food stuck in your teeth. Love that the hunks are flossing. Or are they?

jodi said...

nah, they're actually getting less hairy. Although, imho? It means they're getting younger. Which is sad because I'm getting older. *wah*

okay, this is just weird. Why does my word ver say prewar?


jMo said...

Something to do with Bill Clinton?
Sure it signals youth, that's why some men shave their chest, and there is an anti hair movement going on, I took a good look at the artwork you sent me.
My word is: ocksith
The ocsith thought he'd seen everything, but it was going to take a lot more than grease to get this job done.