Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free!!! YAY, running around and skipping....

I am officially--as of an hour ago--free for the next two weeks. No more exams or surprise tests. No more--thank God, citation entries, formatting issues, footnotes or research on things I have absolutely no interest in. I spent most of last night (until the library kicked me out at 10pm) working on my payroll project because--right, I bought an e-textbook, and the payroll software is part of the print bundle. On one hand it saved me eighty dollars, on the other, I could have done much better if I'd installed it on my laptop. I'm hoping it averages out.

Maybe it was just a bad quarter. Summer is shaping up to be good. My textbooks (none of which come in e-format) are "only" four hundred dollars, which is a far cry from the seven I dropped during spring. Nationals is in a few weeks, and I have two luxurious weeks of almost free time to spend working on my projects.

I have noticed I disappear during the last two weeks of school. Between life, school, work and my kids, it's been nothing but intense. My youngest son got sick and had to go to emergency. I thought I'd bring my homework, but I really didn't feel like it. Then it got really hot (for Seattle) and I finally broke down and turned on the a/c. The thing about the South--when it's hot, everyone's got their a/c. You go from a/c work to a/c car, to a/c in your house. Here, when it's hot, it's just hot, and since the houses are designed to hold heat (for those long periods of 60 degrees)it gets nasty.

On the plus side, I've developed a deep and passionate love for my reader. It works so well, the other day I was cruising through Fictionwise (hoping something multi-formatted would be there) and I found this new author. Nothing I would have read if they hadn't mis-classified her in sci-fi, because except for Jen, I'm not a fan of Whiskey Creek Torrid. But the blurb was good (and didn't instantly turn me off, I'm so damned picky) and when I clicked on the excerpt I couldn't stop reading. Wow, just wow. A little too much sex, but not in an "ugh" way, but more like if Michelle Crean had put a consummation scene in Dancer of the Sixth. It'd totally freak me out if this woman "was" Michelle Crean under a different name. She disappeared after her first book, and I'd always wanted to read the sequel.

*sigh* I might read another book as a treat. I have two weeks. Free time, it's better than chocolate.


Unhinged said...

Yeah, I think you definitely need some soul recharging time--time just for Jodi. All the cool kids are doing it. :-)

If I had a laptop, I'd go type somewhere outside of the house for once. Do you have laptop? Any good places to escape?

Hah! My verification word is depele, which I'm going to rearrange now into:

le deep

Deep, huh?

jodi said...

my word ver is shinger, which probably means something like kick back and watch that whole first season of Blood Ties, lol.

I have a laptop, but I'm lazy and hate unplugging it. I think I might just sit out on the porch and spend my next day off (got to work tomorrow)with a pad of paper.

Very deep. :)

Kimberly said...

Go sleep for a bit. And then get to writing.

jodi said...

lol, I think I will.

Jeanna said...

You lost me at $400.00. Actually you lost me at textbooks.
It's always time for chocolate.
But watch out for Red 40, it's depele evil.

Kaige said...

Yay for two weeks for you!

I know what you mean about those last two weeks of school. Insane. We decided to kick off summer with 3 of us getting sick. The boy missed his 5th grade promotion ceremony and everything :( Perfect way to end his school year with 38 recorded absences *sigh*

Hope your son's feeling better!

Alice Audrey said...

You had a chance at payroll software and didn't take it? You're going to regret that. Unless you work for a corporation than employees bunches of accountants or only to taxes (yeah, right) you'll end up dealing with payroll.

jodi said...

ugh, I really didn't enjoy the payroll bit. I'm kind of hoping for a nice AR or AP job like Andi