Sunday, May 10, 2009

Now why did I think it was up in the mountains?

The other day I was up in Snoqualmie Ridge getting my daughter some new bedroom furniture. I'd never been up there before, but it was one of the three cities I'd thought of moving to. I liked the name and the way it backed up against the mountains.

I'd never really figured out where it was. I knew it was *waving* over there somewhere, out between Issaquah and North Bend. Turns out it was where hwy 18 crosses I-90. And I'd always wondered why there was such a big intersection in the middle of absolutely nothing. Turns out Snoqualmie Ridge is three blocks north. Not that they're real blocks. Not yet. More like "planned blocks".

If the economy hadn't tanked it would be a pretty cool place to live. All clean and horribly upscale. Not that I could figure out why such a hoity-toity place would be integrating brand-new, but crummy apartments and townhouses, unless they wanted to imitate real life.

So my kid says, "hey mom? Didn't you want to see Snoqualmie Falls?" Because I'd heard they were pretty spectacular and from the real close-up mountains, fairly close. So I looked up at this towering range and said, "Sure. How far away are they?" And he says, "Not far, maybe another ten minutes."

And I took another look at the mountains and thought, must be a scenic parkway or something.

After we load the vanity, my kid takes a quick run down the main drag, turns at the rusted out rail car (I mean...antique display) and stops in the parking lot of this hotel.

Turns out Snoqualmie Ridge is a "ridge" (I know, it amazed me, too) and the falls fall off the ridge. It's a hydro electric plant (of some sort), the lodge is run by the power company and the "park" is what's known elsewhere as a wayside. There were five picnic tables, a big gift shop, restrooms and a look out platform perched on the edge of a sheer drop.

Nice falls. Really really high up, super steep, long drop. Not much of a fence, despite what my kid told me. I took one step out on the observation deck, spray blowing everywhere, people in sweatshirts (me included) leaning out over the precipice (uh, I didn't do that, but I was wearing a sweatshirt)

I told my kid, "Get a picture. I'll stand right here."

I get vertigo, just the idea of standing out near a sheer drop is enough to make me puke. My kid kept saying, "take a step back so I can get the falls." And I kept shouting (over the falls), "I don't think so. I'm fine where I am."

You can't see it, but those cracks in the concrete platform made me real nervous.


deanna said...

Pretty falls. I may have been there once when I was a kid. There would be teasing if I went now with my loved ones, such as: I wonder how stressed this platform is? Bet it could collapse any second. And so on.
Glad you made it back down, with the wonderful finds for your daughter.

Kaige said...

Wow, gorgeous falls! I can see how nervous you were in the other picture. Congrats on the windfall!

Unhinged said...

I laughed big time at the same between you and those rails, and your insistence to your son that you were back far enough, thankyoo verra much.

I love nature. Just not the bugs so much.

Unhinged said...

Um, I laughed big time at the SPACE between you and the rails.


Kaycee James said...

Happy Mother's Day!

jodi said...

Deanna, the guy just out of picture range thought it was hilariously funny, he keep jumping up and down. I'm not sure if the platform was shaking because of the water, or his jumping, but I sure hustled off that platform like no tomorrow with my kid threatening to take pictures of me disappearing down the path.

Yeah, Kaige--those are some serious falls. They kept doing down and down, but I didn't see how far down because it was "too far" down. I couldn't get right up close to the edge without doing the person-with-vertigo fall on my stomach and inch toward safety thing (which other people think is enormously funny)

And thank you. :) My kid is happy-happy.

Hi Andi, it's less space than it was. I kept inching back with my back to the water until I couldn't get my feet to move. I think they knew. And the guy jumping up and down was making me nervous. (I knew what you meant. :)

And a happy mother's day to you, too Kaycee :) And many more to come.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh, those are awesome pictures. And good for you going up there at all.

Alice Audrey said...

I'd have been hanging over the edge trying to get a good picture.

Did I tell you about the time I chased a shark? :)

jodi said...

thanks Jen :)

I dunno, Alice. It scared the crap out of me and it was hard to inch backwards. I think it was the thunder and shaking. (shark?)

Eva Gale said...

I am the same way with precipices. In the badlands I squeaked constantly that nonono, too close. Falling is not good unless you have superpowers and no matter how much I try, I just don't have any.