Friday, May 29, 2009

It's 80 degrees in Seattle

...which is not a horrible temperature by any means. Last time I worked with Cowboy, I held out a bio-therm and it was one hundred and seventeen degrees. That's hot. The kind of hot where you have to acclimatize and drink lots of water.

Back in Virginia, I'd get into my car, and if I'd forgotten to put the windshield screen foil side up, water would boil in my to-go cup. Once I left a gallon of water in my trunk and three days later, it'd boiled out and ended up in my spare tire. Those old colonists were masochists. Anyone crazy enough to settle in Tidewater--without a/c--is a glutton for punishment.

Today, for the first time since last August, the temperature in Seattle reached eighty degrees. People always tell me it's a constant sixty eight. They lie. When I didn't live here, I'd visit and it'd be hot. Maybe it's because the houses here don't have a/c. (because--right, it's always sixty-eight degrees)

Now that I live here, it's still hot. Not "hot", but hot enough for people who think seventy is a little uncomfortable. Everyone is stripped down to shorts and tank tops. It's worse at work. Sweaty, dripping people who walk around holding wet towels to their heads.

My kid came home and started moaning. "it's soooo hot." So I bought him a fan. Although as he says, it just blows the hot air around. The lake is doing well. Although I can't imagine people swimming in muddy water, they do it all the time. Maybe they forgot about the metal spikes in the muck last year. Although, being the Emerald City--green and all? Green Lake is really green.

As the city says,In more recent times, Green Lake has suffered from stagnation and pollution problems, as well as algae blooms. Milfoil and swimmers itch (caused by parasites from waterfowl) are still a consideration for those who swim in the lake.


Unhinged said...

One hundred seventeen degrees?!!!! Holy cow in the pasture. I don't even think it's got that hot in L.A. Maybe 102 once or twice...

I just thought Seattle was rainy. But this is crazy. CRAZY, I tell you.

There'd be NO way my body would enter that itch-inducing green water. I'd buy a kiddie pool. Yeah.

deanna said...

It's been 85-90 here in Orygun. I'd stay away from the green lake if possible, but I know. No acclimation to heat during three-fourths of the year leaves everyone pale, stripped, and splashing in whatever they can when the weather finally turns. Window air conditioners can be helpful, though.

jodi said...

lol, Andi. It's just a matter of drinking lots of water and letting yourself sweat. You get used to it.

I like flying over Green Lake. You can see it on the approach to Seattle. It's bright green. Like an emerald. But, yeah--there's a lot of swimmers itch up here. I'm always amazed when people ignore it and jump in the lake. :)

:) Deanna, I have a/c (which is a rarity up here) but eighty degrees??? Versus three hundred dollar power bills. (again) *sigh* makes for some hard choices.

You're right. There are a lot of pale, pasty people in tank tops up here. My neighbor is putting up his inflatable pool again (one of those above ground things?) and his pump broke. You could hear him swearing like a champ. (he was wearing swim shorts. I think he was disappointed :)